You Get What You Ask For


July 6, 2015

Capitalism works.

Tough one here.
Tough one here.

You ask for stuff. A capitalist system fills the need. Then you decide if you want what was offered.

I’m not sure why there is so much disdain for the capitalist system these days.

  • It’s market driven meaning you decide what gets developed.
  • It solves problems-these are your problems.
  • It offers competitive solutions. Yea this means it ain’t free.
  • And you get to pick your option or do nothing at all. It’s purely voluntary.

What’s not to like?

On the other hand, a State sponsored solution offers you:

  • Little choice if any. This is what we (the State) think you should have. Don’t worry, it will be good for you. This when you should worry.
  • No solutions but a way to consolidate group-think and keep you in line. If you go along quietly, you get your allotment. If you raise a stink, it will be harder for you.
  • Competiton? No. Which means quality will suffer. And variety? Forget it.
  • Voluntary? Not if they fine you or tax you or otherwise restrict your lifestyle.

No, I’m sticking with Capitalism. Not perfect by any means but certainly the best option for those who like to control their own destiny

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But be careful what you ask for

Because capitalists will respond. They’ll make it for you.

Now, the system doesn’t prevent some slimy bastards from trying to take your money unethically. Humans are involved. Bad shit can happen. You still have to make an evaluation and decide for yourself. You are, after all, in charge of you.

So if you ask the question “How can I lose 20 pounds fast without too much work”, you might get something like this:nutrisystems fast five

Will it work? Probably not. Read this report that compares the results from four of the most popular weight loss products.

  1. Nutrisystems
  2. Jenny Craig
  3. Weight Watchers
  4. Medisystems

Look at this summary chart from the report.

weigth loss program chart

It looks like Weight Watchers gets decent results (compared to the others at least) and if you look at their site, you’ll see they do try to get you to make lifestyle changes. They offer a bit more than just “buy my product.”

I’m still not buying this crap (just my opinion).

What about this solution to your fast fat loss problem?Green-Coffee-Bean-Fat-Burner350

I’m 100% certain this won’t work.

Read this study or this one. The conclusions are pretty clear.

The “magic pills” seldom pan out.

Are you better off with any of these things?

Probably not. You may have lost some weight initially but it’s coming back.


Because you didn’t solve your underlying problem. You didn’t really change anything.

That’s the key.

What you really want is “to lose body fat (and you’re not sure how much but you’ll know when you get there), do it without spending a lot of time in the gym (training hard is OK) and fast is really not that important, you want permanent. You want to get it done and keep it done.

Yes, a lifestyle change is what you’re really asking for. This will solve your underlying problem.

And it won’t come back.

So why not ask for what you really want instead? The system will respond.

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What do you think?

What are you looking for? What product or service would really help you achieve your fitness goals? Please comment below.


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