What are the best workouts to lose body fat?

If body fat reduction is the goal, what do you have to do to maximize the effectiveness of the workout? There are really only two things you have to do to burn fat effectively while working out:

  1. get the body into fat burning mode and
  2. burn body fat efficiently

How do you get the body to burn fat?

The body will use stored fat as fuel once all glucose in the bloodstream and stored glycogen has been consumed. Glucose is manufactured from carbohydrate in the diet and is either burned immediately as fuel if needed or stored in the muscles or liver as glycogen if the storage sites are not full. Unfortunately if the storage sites are full, which is common in an inactive person, the glucose is converted to fat and stored in the adipose tissue.

So there are two strategies to get into fat burning mode quickly:

  1. Limit carbohydrate consumption so that free glucose?isn’t?available to burn and the glycogen storage sites are not always full. This allows you to burn fat more quickly after beginning exercise.
  2. Use highly efficiency, big muscle group exercises to consume a lot of energy fast and get to using stored fat as your fuel as quickly as possible.

Don?t underestimate the value of your nutrition program when it comes to losing body fat.

What you eat is far more important than what you do for exercise. You?ll hear it all the time from seasoned pros, you cannot out train a bad diet. In fact if you do not address your diet first, you are more likely to gain weight from your new-found exercise program than lose weight! This is simply because increased exercise causes increased hunger. If you are eating junk, you?ll simply eat more junk in response to the increased energy expenditure. This is a cycle of death. You will not prevail.

So step one is limit carbohydrate consumption from grain based sources, especially wheat.

Unfortunately these products are ubiquitous in your diet. Almost every highly refined product in a box or a bag contains cheap and unhealthy carbohydrates. Cut back significantly on these foods ( I use the term loosely) and replace with fresh fruits and veggies for your carbohydrate needs. Replace your energy sources you used to get from the crappy carbs with good sources of fat.

Fat is the preferred fuel of the body.

Consume healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, oily fish like salmon and sardines, nuts like almonds or macadamia, avocado and eggs.

Step two is do the right exercises.

The best workouts to lose body fat are those that use the big muscle groups in the body. Focus on full body moves engaging the legs, glutes and back muscles. Large muscles simply burn more energy per unit of time when working them.

What are some good workouts to lose body fat?

  1. The?body weight?squat is a great one to do often. It use many of the big leg and glute (butt) muscles very efficiently.
  2. Burpees are like combining a squat with an endurance element. Legs, butt, back, arms and core are engaged and the cardiovascular system is worked from the constant motion. Burpees will burn the fat.
  3. Power cleans are great if you have a barbell, dumbbells or?kettle bells? Pick the weight from the ground and explosively move to a standing position holding the weight at shoulder level. ?This is a full body?move that builds muscle and burns fats efficiently. ?Add the overhead press to make it even a more effective move.
  4. Try some jumping moves like a standing broad jump or plyometric jumping onto a bench. The explosive nature of jumping recruits more muscle fibers and makes it a very effective muscle building move.
  5. Don?t forget push ups and pull ups to round out the upper body. Even though the large leg and butt muscles are not used, these upper body moves are very effective exercises. Arms, back, chest and core are all engaged when performing these exercises. In fact the push up is one of the best core exercises you can do.

The best workouts to lose body fat are not just about training. Get your diet under control first to maximize your potential to burn fat efficiently. Then work the big muscles using full body, resistance exercises. Burn the fat and build muscle simultaneously.

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