workout routines women

So you want to lose fat?

workout routines women
What workout routines should women do to get a tight butt?

Tired of getting crappy results? Or no results?

Stop doing the workout routines women always do. And shouldn?t.

What are the best workout routines women should consider?

Let me channel my inner feminine side for a moment.

What do women want? Oh if I could answer that one!

But really, what do you want when it comes to appearance and fitness?

  • a tight butt
  • trim legs with special attention on the inner thigh
  • flat stomach
  • no back fat scrunching out from under the bra strap
  • toned arms; no jiggly triceps

That’s the list. Pretty straight forward.

Women are very social beings and like to be out and about. You want to wear the little black dress and look good in it. The summer is made for shorts and tank tops. Jiggly pale skin just?isn’t?the vision of health and fitness personified in the western hemisphere.

Good or bad, I don?t know.

But if you want to check off the fitness list this Spring, stop doing all the wrong stuff.

3 Workout Routines Women Should Stop Doing Right Now

Stop jogging. Yes it is a waste of time.

Now remember, jogging is not running.

If you have a matching Adidas sweat suit and brand new $150 shoes with neon laces, you are probably jogging.

Jogging is where you go out for 40 minutes or so, cover about two miles and never break a sweat.

I do not advocate jogging for two main reasons:

  1. Jogging is very jarring on your body. It is basically a vertical impact exercise. Every step is a mini jamming of the foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back. Step after step after step. Bang, bang, bang! Stop doing it.
  2. It sucks for burning fat. You are spending a lot of time doing it and getting very little return.

The Results Are In

I just did a survey of people I know about the biggest issue they had with respect to health and fitness (thank you for your responses) .

I asked, ?What is troubling you the most in the area of health & fitness??

?What is the main issue you are struggling with??

I got a lot of very enlightening responses. Some stuff I expected and some I did not.

But one theme I noticed was the inability to get into a routine. Not being able to consistently find the time to workout.

Life has a way of expanding to fill up all the available time. The best plans often fall apart.

But I know this. You need a fitness strategy that:

  1. Is very efficient in its use of time meaning the exercise has to provide a high caloric burn per unit of time invested and
  2. Utilizes very short blocks of exercise time meaning you have to be able to get it done in 15 minutes or so.

And this can be done.

So in honor of all the beautiful women searching for effective, fat burning workouts and

February being the month of love (kind of a pink, feminine thing)

I am planning 28 straight workout routines women should do to get ready for Spring

Now I don?t mean that you should workout 28 straight days.

But here is my thinking:

  • I want to demonstrate that it is possible to workout every day. As busy as we all are, everyone can find 15 minutes to get some exercise. And I?ll prove it to you.
  • But the main idea is to give you a variety of exercise possibilities to use in the future. Some may be:
    • weightlifting specific
    • body weight exercises
    • running, biking or hiking
    • jumping rope and push ups
    • playground workouts
    • variety, you get the idea
  • By the end of February, you?ll have 28 mini exercise routines documented for your future enjoyment and fat-busting use. And you can do them in 15 minutes or so.

But I digress. Back to the workout routines women should not be doing.

Don?t lift pink, 3 lb dumbbells. Ever.

If you have a pair of these toy dumbbells, please remove them from your gym stuff and store for future use as a door stop.

You are not so weak that 3 lb dumbbells are warranted.

Why do you lift these wimpy weights? Go back to the fitness list.

This is your toned arm workout. The curls, presses and that triceps kickback thing you sometimes do.

You want toned arms? Work the arms. Work is the operative word.

What is work? The engineering nerd (which I am) would say:

W=FxD where
W = work
F = force or the amount of weight and
D = distance the weight travels
so D could be further broken down into
D=RxS where
R = reps or the number of repetitions of the each exercise and
S = sets or the total number of sets performed.

What the heck does all this mean? It simply means that the amount of work you do while lifting weights is driven by:

  1. How much you are lifting?
  2. And for how much volume which is the # of sets times the # of reps

Perform more work, to burn more calories. It?s simple.

Now one of the beauties of weight lifting and why I recommend it to everyone, men and women, young and old, is that you get two opportunities to burn energy.

  1. The first is during the exercise itself.
    1. Lift more weight, burn more energy
    2. Lift for a lot of sets, burn even more energy.
    3. This is good stuff
  2. But weight lifting also affords you the opportunity to continue burning energy after the exercise has concluded.
    1. The afterburn is a thing of beauty
    2. Your metabolism remains in an elevated state for several hours after lifting while muscle repair is being done.
    3. This is why lifting weights or any resistance type exercise has to be part of your fat loss plan.

How do you maximize your weight lifting effectiveness?

Back to formula for work and remember, you want to minimize your overall workout time.

You don’t have a lot of free time.

What do you do?

Lift heavier weights (apply more force) and
move them over longer distances.

For example, a bicep curl moves the weight approximately the distance of your lower arm (from your elbow to hand or maybe 16 inches).

This exercise uses low weight and moves it a short distance. Not very efficient use of time. This is not a fat burner.

Compare this to a Power Clean & Press for example.

First, you can load the bar with a lot more weight and second, you move the bar from the floor to fully extended arms overhead.

Maximize D (or the?distance?the weight is moved), maximize the work.

This is the secret to workout routines women are not doing.

Perform, full-body, complex movements for maximum fat burning potential.

Now go do it.

And the last thing I want you to stop doing.

Don?t do that adductor / abductor machine at the gym and while you?re at it, stop doing that kneeling thing that looks like a dog peeing on a fire-hydrant either.

I know you are after the legs, butt and hips. Check the list.

Do this instead.

I?ll give you five exercises that will simultaneously tighten your butt, build shapely, gorgeous legs and shred body fat so you drop two dress sizes before Spring.

Who wants this plan?

These are the only exercises you ever need to do for your lower body and practically your full body.

Now I don?t mean for you do them all together, all the time. Just work them into your routines from time to so that over the course of a month, you have done each exercise 3 to 5 times.

These are the workout routines women should be doing

The Squat. Perhaps the single best exercise there is. Using body weight is just fine.

Plus, this is a practical move for everyday life. You want to be able to squat down and stand back up. You will never find an?occasion?to simulate a dog peeing on a hydrant.

At least I don’t think so.

The Deadlift. Either a close second to the squat or this is the best exercise there is.

Deadlifting is useful when picking up a grand child or a bag of groceries out of the?trunk?of the car.

Power Clean & Press. Full body magic.

Useful for storing the Christmas decorations up into the attic.

The Thruster. A Full body shredder.

This just gets you strong, fit and ripped. No back fat or jiggly arms after doing the Thruster for awhile.

The Kettlebell Swing. Probably the best thing you are not doing.

Butt, legs, core and aerobic endurance. If you’re thinking shorts and tank tops will look good this Spring, start swinging the bell.

That?s it girls. Keep it simple. Get great results.

Here is the bottom line.

You want to maximize your fitness results.

And you have a minimum amount of time to get it done.

Don?t lift like a girl. Don?t do all the funny exercises from Shape magazine and Better Homes & Garden.

Lift like a man and you?ll be sexier than ever.

I promise.

About the author 

Mark Fickler

Mark aka The Old Spartan and Over-50 Fitness Savior is a 64 year old coffee guzzling father of five wandering the outdoors around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mark helps Active Boomers get lean, healthy and strong so they live rewarding, fun lives using his signature 2 Rule Easy Fat Loss training program.

  • Kettle bell swing is better for me. Thanks for the full commands of doing its workout. Now I am doing it properly without any struggle.

  • Mark, I just told my wife to read this article! Women don’t want their husbands to tell them how to exercise to burn fat, get lean, toned and sexy. Somehow they think their physiology is so different than men. They think if they lift a 5 pound dumbbell, they will get Popeye arms, but will spend countless hours “working out” with little exertion and wonder why they don’t get the results they want. I spend 30 minutes (including warm up & cool down), 3-4 days a week doing high-intensity interval exercises with dumbbells, kettlebells and bodyweight and have never been leaner or stronger… or better looking (She doesn’t agree).

    • Joe, funny. I can’t tell my wife anything either (though I do try) but she is lifting more serious now. But she also has really good genes so could get away with doing almost anything. My daughter is a cross-fitter and I can say that she probably is what 99% of women wished they looked like. She is a serious lifter but looks totally feminine. I firmly believe that strength is the key to fat burning. Build the muscle for a leaner body.

      • She read it (and my comment), now she’s mad at me. She’s mad at you too, but will admit you make some valid points… begrudgingly. Looks like I might be buying some slightly heavier weights and painting them pink.

        You are right though. Women want to have that lean, athletic look but will convince themselves to not do the things that will get them there… even though it’s been proven time and time again lifting with intensity will not make them look like Arnold.

        Women looking to get in shape need to read this. Because who really benefits? Men!

      • Finally someone who has something useful to say. I do go to the gym. I started with a trainer who lifts. And competes. He has told me what you just did. Quit fooling around. No difference between the way a guy lifts and a woman. And focus on my nutrition. Need to eat better. Thank you!

  • As a health counselor I will always go back to the nutritional end of working out. You cannot out exercise a nutritionally bankrupt food system…..

  • Hi Mark, as a women over 50 looking to lose fat and gain muscle, would using the TRX and walking daily (fitbit says I’m burning on average 500 cals on my walk), be a good start since I do not have a gym membership?

    • First, everything works and anything is better than nothing. TRX or any bodyweight workouts are great for building muscle. Fat loss is primarily a nutritional effort and I’d recommend focusing on one at a time; either fat loss or building muscle

  • Hello. I am 59 and just joined the Workout Anytime near my home. I have had bilateral knee replacements so cannot put any pressure on the knees due to internal pain. Last year I had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and after starting the chemo and steroids gained 30 pounds. I am slowly beginning to lose the weight I put on and am slowly beginning to gain back my energy.

    I think I have to moderate mentally between working hard enough to make the muscles but not so hard I injure myself.

    Thanks for the “true” talk about building muscles!

    • Slow and steady. Do a lot of walking and gradually add difficulty (hills, loads like a weighted pack or farmer’s walks). Keep going. You’ll get there

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