September 7


Video Log


This is where we'll talk about workouts we're doing, mobility issues and the food we're eating. Please add your comments below. Ask questions, tell us what you're doing, make it a conversation.

9-25-19 - Crappy Advice from the AHA

You have to be careful who you listen to. Unfortunately, this is especially true when dealing with government bureaucracies who often get it wrong. 

9-22-19 - End of Summer

You definitely sit too much and suffer the consequences like tight glutes and hamstrings. Use a simple single leg dead lift drill as part of your warm up to help release and "turn on" those muscles so they work in your favor.

Below is a video of the single leg dead lift I mentioned in the above video.


More on Nutrient Density. See some examples using the Cronometer and find out one super food you should add to your diet to increase nutrient density. Got questions or topics you'd like to discuss? Drop your comments below (scroll to the bottom).


First leg workout. Body Weight Squats 4x10; Lunge 3x10; Bulgarian Split Squat 3x10; Farmers Walk 3x max time. Got questions or topics you'd like to discuss? Drop your comments below (scroll to the bottom).


My workout plan for the first 5 or 6 weeks. Trail running and hiking T-Th-Sa and lifting M-W-F. Drop your comments below.


How to look at nutrition and getting nutrients while managing overall calories.. Drop your comments below.


Just a little on strategy of training. Drop your comments below.


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  • Good luck training for the death march. (sounds like a killer ) but fun.

  • I spent 10 years in the 82nd airborne and off and on continued humping after I got out. I’m 56 now, you probably know all these basics but… Get good gear! something with a waistband and a chest band, you want the weight on your hips not your shoulders. And if you’re going to have good equipment you might as well prep and not just have weight in there but actually useful items in case you get jammed up on a hike, tunica water medical kit way to start a fire basic tools etc. start light, work your way up, unless you’re on the street just doing one or two mile speed walk there’s never a reason to go more than 35 lb and shoes shoes shoes! You can of course in a great PT with it on squats push-ups excetera. I don’t know your politics or your local laws but I like to incorporate pistol shooting, like at the end of a long hump or a 50-foot jog and then shoot, that kind of thing.

    • That should have read food and, not tunica. I need spell check or more coffee

    • good info Tim. Why don’t you join us on the hike? I’ve got a few guys thinking about it.

      • Nigel Carter says:


        These Farmers Walks are great, now older I tend to lift lighter weights for long distance, say 8kg in each hand walking continuously for 15 to 20 mins. A lot of websites say you should brace your core when doing farmers walks, but for long distance is this necessary? I have found the day after doing farmers walks I have had stomach cramps or an upset stomach. I think it’s because I am trying to brace my core for 20 mins at a time. Please can you advise on this.

        Many thanks


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