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June 1, 2015


Maybe a little.food pyramid400

Hormones? Yea.

Hormones gone wild.

Welcome to modern life to which your body has not evolved fast enough to keep pace.

Not even close.

>> Jump down to the videos and get an in-depth review.

The Perfect Storm

In retrospect, this kinda all happened together.

  1. The Industrial Global Diet or SAD (Standard American Diet) here in the US that has become both commonplace and unchallenged. Cheap food, subsidized by the government has wreaked havoc on farmland, wetland, wildlife, quality of life and health.
  2. Technology designed to free your time has done just the opposite. You’re consumed with constant noise and the “always on” stress-building, non-physical, modern lifestyle. We sit more than ever before.
  3. Unknown chemicals, contaminants and irritants in a genetically engineered food stream. All in the name of progress; grow more, grow it faster, make it last longer, make it resist bugs and cold and heat and drought. All good right? Much of what you eat today bears little resemblance to the food of just 40 years ago.

We’re like sheep heading to slaughter, lemmings over the cliff.

Silently marching along, barely a complaint.

Just getting fatter and sicker and wondering why is it so freaking hard to lose weight?

Unintended consequences

As always, your government got involved and fucked things up royally.

In 1980, the first dietary standards came out specifically to combat heart disease which was considered public enemy #1 at that time. They used landmark studies (which turned out to be wrong) that condemned saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium as the cause for the rise in heart disease.

So began the low fat era that continues today.

What happens when you take the fat out of food?

It tastes like shit. So you add a lot of sugar to compensate.

And the low fat-high sugar race was on. All the big food companies were more than happy to comply.

You want low fat? Here ya go.

High carbohydrate (and super cheap carbohydrate at that), mostly sugar, highly subsidized and packaged as a health food.

Wow, a bonanza for the food industry. The government is mandating low fat and we’ve got a cheap, abundant, very high profit alternative ready to go.

Sugar. And sugar-like things such as wheat and other grains. See the base of the food pyramid (above) that came out in 1992. Your government doubling down on the low fat myth.

6 to 11 servings per day of grains??

And what happened?

Take a look at this graph.whythesurgeinobesity-figure1-350

Note how the inflection correlates exactly with the new dietary guidelines?

Coincidence. I doubt it.


And looky here.whythesurgeinobesity-figure2-350

We started eating more at the same time. Hmmm.

Let’s see how this went down.

  1. The government prescribes eat less fat to prevent heart disease.
  2. The food companies said OK, here’s your low fat, high sugar frankenfood. Hope you like it.
  3. Apparently we did and started eating a lot more of it.
  4. And now we are fatter than ever.

>> Watch these videos

Get a better understanding of the problem by watching these videos.

Check out the individual clips at your leisure. Most are under 10 minutes long and address a single main point. All are very informative.

This is a single video of the entire presentation. About 58 minutes.

This is the first episode in the series on the epidemic of obesity. 12 minutes.

The second episode is about what happens in your body when you eat sugar. 9 minutes.

Episode 3 talks about the biochemical reactions that occur in your body in response to food and how different hormones affect hunger and satiety signals. 8 minutes.

The fourth episode describes how addictive sugar can be and how your hunger signals get messed up over time. 7 minutes.

Episode 5 discusses how the epidemic of obese infants shows that obesity genetics can be passed on from mother to child. 6 minutes.

The sixth episode discusses how modern life with its fast-paced, high stress environment is contributing to the problem. 7 minutes.

Episode 7 indicts the food system, agricultural policy and draws parallels between sugar and other controlled, addictive substances like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. 8 minutes.

What do you think?

Here’s my lone disagreement. The doctor (in the videos) is a smart guy and truly sees the magnitude of this problem. He wants a solution for the good of the world because we are all affected. I know his heart is true. But he’s an academic. And like politicians, those in academia tend to see a “big fix” being orchestrated by the government.

It ain’t gonna happen. Politicians don’t solve problems. They get elected and re-elected with the help of big business. Do you really think any politician from the farm belt is going to advocate moving away from grains, soybeans and sugar?

Forget about it. If you’re waiting for intervention on your behalf, you’ll die fat.

The doctor even goes as far to say “it is impossible for the individual to do it alone.”

That just isn’t true.

People are breaking free and getting healthy every day.

Is it easy? Hell no.

It’s freaking hard! But not impossible.

How will this huge problem get solved?

It won’t. At least not in a big way. And certainly not anytime soon.

There is already a groundswell of buy local, grow your own and seek out healthy, real food as an alternative.

It’s part of the “look out for yourself” movement. Get educated and make smart, healthy decisions.

So this is driving a small but growing health economy. But it won’t save everyone.

The poor will bear the brunt of their government’s incompetence and dishonesty.

Third world nations will suffer greatly and disproportionately.

Sad but true.

The bottom line

Look out for your family and those you care about. Because no one has your back.

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