Why Do It?


April 27, 2015

I ran a 10K

in the Valles Caldera with my daughter this weekend.caldera run400

I got up early, drove for two hours, froze my ass off and ran 6.2 miles up a mountain at 8500 feet elevation just for fun.


Why would several hundred people do something like this?

It wasn’t fun the whole time. As a matter of fact, NONE of the uphill was fun at all.

Especially that steep incline right at the end. You think you’re heading downhill to the finish line and then WTF?

Another climb. No that actually sucked.

I did it to take part in something with my daughter.

I enjoyed being out in the wilds of the Jemez mountains. The morning air was quite cold but Iliked that too. It smelled good.

I liked the challenge of doing it. Proving to myself I could do it. I’m not a runner. This stuff is kinda hard for me.

It was fun being cheered on to the finish line over the last 100 yards or so. All the good runners were kind enough to offer their support. I appreciated it.

I liked the medal I got and great T-shirt too.

There is a buzz around events like this. You can feel the energy of everyone enjoying these same things.

It’s good to be active, fit (there were all levels of fitness out here) and just giving it a shot.

Why I do it

My reasons for staying fit are varied but center around longevity.
I want to:

  • continue to do things I like to do like backpacking, skiing and fishing mountain streams. You can’t do this stuff sucking wind.
  • watch my children grow up and have families.
  • be a cool grandparent who can get down on the floor and play.
  • travel and be active.
  • knock off a lot of bucket list items.
  • be around for as long as possible for my autistic son. I don’t think he’d understand me leaving him too soon.

So I stay fit to live life. To get the most out of it.

It’s not for everybody. I understand.

But for me, it makes sense.

I like training, especially lifting weights. It’s just my thing.

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What about you?

Is spending time and energy (and maybe a little pain from time to time) on getting/staying fit worth it to you?

Comment below why you do it.

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Old Spartan

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About the author 

Mark Fickler

Mark aka The Old Spartan and Over-50 Fitness Savior is a 64 year old coffee guzzling father of five wandering the outdoors around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mark helps Active Boomers get lean, healthy and strong so they live rewarding, fun lives using his signature 2 Rule Easy Fat Loss training program.

  • I’m surprised you didn’t get more comments on this post. Having a why makes all the difference.

    Being fit, heathy, and watching what you eat is a lot of work. There will be times when you don’t want to do what’s necessary. And if you don’t have a good why it’s natural to take the easy route.

    A powerful why will increase a persons chances to stay healthy, and fit.

    • True dat Jason. Everyone is just moving too fast, not really thinking about what is happening. Be intentional. Know what you are doing but more importantly why.

  • Nice Post Mark.
    I haven’t been even modestly fit for 23 years.
    Approaching 51 now (elderly benefits include access to this site!).
    Relied on alcohol(they use it in Formula One don’t they!) and cigarettes(smoking is good for You I saw an add in the fifties by a Doctor!) to pass the time.
    Then, as You get older, the concept of mortality and questions about Life become more ‘real’.
    I have been going to the gym and exercising at home, almost daily, for a month now. Alcohol consumption more than halved. Don’t even feel like it after a training session. 30 minutes high intensity.
    My Why is to ‘beat the bottle’ and improve my Mental Health.
    Exercise is the best medicine for Depression.
    Exercise, good food and sleep.
    Got those and You are more than halfway there.
    I feel better, sharper, happier and my energy levels feel like they have trebled.
    Looking forward to increase my strength and endurance.
    “If it feels good…”

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