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April 18, 2015

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Weight Loss Hack

I am usually not a big believer in “weight loss hacks” or any hacks for that matter which by their nature are kind of tricks or gimmicks.

I like solutions. Get at the root of the problem and fix it.

Not a hack.

Seems short-sighted and also short term.

A hack can’t work forever.

  • But this hack seems like it could be useful. First it is simple to do.
  • And second, it does give you a visual cue for planning your food consumption.

And winning the food battle is all about planning.

So check out this hack from the Eat Blog Eat blog.

About Food

I try to stay away from telling people “what to eat”. I stick with “how to eat”.

I focus on the importance of calories and macro nutrients but don’t stress any particular diet.

I think you can be fit and healthy using almost any diet. Remember your diet is simply a tactic to implement your eating strategy. And your strategy should be managing calories and improving food quality if you want to cut fat and be healthy.

The strategy is the important part.

Having said that, I do go kinda low carb and certainly low/no grain as much as I can. I’m not a zealot but I feel a lot better and don’t get bloated when I cut the grains. It’s a fact.

You may too. Maybe it won’t make a difference. But you probably should at least test the theory.

You get used to feeling crappy and it becomes your “normal.”

Anyway. read this interesting article to get you thinking about food quality.
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Remember, protein is your food. The rest (carbs and fat) is filler.

Protein first. Then the other stuff. That’s my mantra.

Well it’s really calories first. That’s the overriding principle.

Then do your food planning starting with protein followed by the other stuff

Here is a good article about why protein first makes sense.

What do you think?

Do you like reading articles like the ones I’ve highlighted? Post your reply in the comment section.

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