The Uncomfortable Truth About Fat Loss

April 2, 2020

Why does a fat loss plan (that is scientifically proven to work), not work for you?

I'm going to explain my hypothesis without (hopefully) getting too far into the weeds.

The bottom line is that my proven plan is theoretical (it works every time on paper) yet how you implement it is reality (and not as designed). So real life results are different than theoretical expectations.

Here's my logical point of view for my theoretical plan:
  1. I know eating the standard American diet (SAD) is highly inflammatory and will drive a whole host of adverse health conditions.
  2. I know if you swap SAD foods for real food, your body will heal itself and things will get better for you.
  3. So I say go low carb and higher fat not because carbs are inherently bad but that SAD foods are the type of carbs you are consuming and they tend to be nutrient poor and energy dense (a lot of calories but not much nutrition) while also driving chronic inflammation which is the start of all the bad things that are happening to you (fat gain, low energy, aches and pains, brain fog, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc.)
Here's what you do instead:
  1. You go lower carb (but not low enough) and higher fat (because I told you to add quality fats) but you really can't give up SAD foods because they are designed by very smart (and devious) food scientists to be highly palatable (essentially you're addicted to them).
  2. From a math perspective, if you're trading grams of carbs (at 4 calories per gram) for grams of fat (at nine calories per gram), you're gonna lose the fat loss game.
  3. From a chemistry perspective (or is this biology?), your moderate carb consumption (the reality) continues to spike blood sugar which is followed by over-production of insulin (because you're insulin resistant) and the self-healing we're looking for doesn't happen.
  4. You don't get results. You might even gain weight. So you say eff this, I can't do it or it doesn't work.
Is there an alternative way to get there? That's what I started asking myself.

And the answer is YES.

Don't be so dogmatic about your approach. Deal with reality.

The Keto folks are worried about something kicking them out of ketosis. Paleo advocates are wondering what the caveman really ate. Carnivore guys eschew all plants (that actually doesn't make sense to me).

You know I've been telling you all along (and I preface it with "If fat loss is your primary objective") to not eat a lot of fruit, nor starchy tubers and probably stay away from dairy too.

Is this good advice?

The rationale is driven by context or your current paradigm. If you're a SAD eater, overwhelmed by the modern food stream, you're getting way too many glucose-spiking foods and you're consuming loads of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). And this is driving inflammation.

So instead of the apple, banana or grapes being good for you (which they are in isolation), it's like throwing gas on the fire. You already have fatty liver from HFCS consumption so getting more fructose (even though it's natural) is probably not going to be good for you.

FYI, if you don't know, fructose has a unique metabolic pathway (from other sugars like sucrose or glucose), requiring the liver to break it down. The liver converts fructose to fat and some of this fat gets stored in the liver, eventually causing fatty liver disease.

FYI#2, sucrose, which is table sugar and added to nearly all modern foods is 50% fructose and 50% glucose. You see the problem?

Nevertheless, you ought to be able to eat real foods like fruit and potatoes and carrots and beets without issue. Right?

The only reason I was advising against it was the backdrop of you consuming about 70% of your total calories from SAD foods.

You see the conundrum?

I still have to get you to give up SAD foods even though you're addicted to them and they're marketed to you with sophisticated and relentless campaigns.

So what's the alternative plan?

You can eat anything you want. That's my new plan.

As long as (always a contingency) you:
  • follow Rule #1 and
  • Rule #2.
Simple but effective.

Stay tuned for rules 1 and 2.

Here's what I've figured out.

My former plan is the fastest way to heal yourself, get a handle on chronic inflammation and start down the road to recovery but in theory only.

Reality must be dealt with.

So my new plan is to:
  1. stop telling you what you can't eat
  2. stop restricting you altogether
  3. stop making it so hard to comply
  4. and allow you to eat anything you want including sweets, fast food, chips, crackers, cookies, alcohol, ice cream, you name it
  5. as long as you follow two simple rules

No restrictions and just two rules.

It's better I think.

Now the downside is that the new plan will work slower than the old plan. Except the old plan doesn't work at all (for most of you) since you can't do it.

Therefore, by process of elimination, the new plan is imminently better.

Being slower is way better than being impossible.

Stay tuned for more.

Mark Fickler

Mark aka The Old Spartan and Over-50 Fitness Savior is a 64 year old coffee guzzling father of five wandering the outdoors around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mark helps Active Boomers get lean, healthy and strong so they live rewarding, fun lives using his signature 2 Rule Easy Fat Loss training program.

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