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Here's What You Can Expect


Cost = $5 a month. This will run through PayPal. You can cancel at any time.


WOM - workout of the month. I'll put together a WOM every month. Over time, we'll build a little library of WOM's that you can review and pick and choose among them. WOM's will go out via email and be posted in the Facebook Group.


Monthly Webinar via Zoom on a topic of our choosing. You'll get a Zoom link sent via email to attend the webby. The first webinar will be scheduled once we get the group going.


Private Facebook Group - We'll direct all Q&A here as well as file all docs (WOM's and other files we come up with) here. This way everyone in the group sees the same stuff and can participate in building group culture. Here's the link to join.


FB Live - AMA's (ask me anything) and I'd like to feature different people from the group (of course this is voluntary) to talk about what they're doing with open questions. You get advance notice of these events via email and inside the Facebook Group.


Monthly Challenge - This is different from the WOM. It might be as simple as "tell me what you're going to do this month" and then track your results. These will be listed in the Facebook Group and sent out via email as well.