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The Problem

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There?s two main problems I hear about when I talk to guys about their difficulty getting started on their health journey.

If you can solve these problems, you?re right around the corner from getting your energy back, feeling strong and making steady progress.

So you?re close. Real close. 

Problem #1

The no time problem.

I just don?t have the time. I can?t find the time. I?m too tired when I get home, I just want to relax. I work too much. That?s the "I got no time to train or eat real food problem."

This just requires a fundamental shift in your thinking.

There?s no such thing as finding more time, making more time, managing time better. It can?t be done.

Time is simply an artificial construct of modern life based on how long it takes the earth to make a full rotation.

Time just is. It?s the same for everyone. It always moves at the same rate.

You don?t manage it. You don?t find it. You don?t make more of it.

And intellectually I know you understand this.

So if your day is full right now and you haven?t found a spot for training or preparing better foods, your only option is to get rid of something else and make a trade for that time.

And the easiest way to do it to first block out your true commitments, your must do?s like work and sleeping and family stuff. Then you?ve got a few hours, maybe in a couple of chunks to work with.

Then just prioritize what you?re doing in those time blocks and lop something off.

That?s your new training block.

You now must protect this block of time. It's for training.

Problem #2

The no progress problem.

I?m working out but not seeing results. I can?t build muscle. I can?t lose my fat belly. It?s not working.

OK this one is a little harder to figure out remotely as everyone is different. This is why I offer free calls to get more info from people so I can make an informed recommendation.

But in general, these things I know are true:

  • First, everyone starts from where they are. You?ve got your own history and genetics. Everyone is different and will progress at a different rate. So don?t compare yourself to the guy with the big muscles.
  • Second, everyone can get better to some degree. It?s a fact. You can lose body fat. You can build muscle no matter what your age or starting condition.
  • The problem I see is unreasonable expectations. You?re not going to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club overnight. It takes time.

What helps is to have a simple metric and just use that to verify progress is being made.

If fat loss is your goal, just measure your largest waist diameter. It should be going down slowing over time. Don?t measure every day, once a week at most. As it decreases, you are losing body fat. That's a fact.

If you?re trying to get stronger, have a simple metric. Max push ups or max hold time on a plank or just hang from a bar. You?ll see improvement over time.

If you?re not seeing improvements after 6 weeks or so, you need a new plan. That?s where coaching comes in.

But for now, just re-calibrate your expectations and have a simple way measure progress.


#1 is stop believing you don?t have time, just use your time to your advantage and

#2 is set reasonable expectations and have a quantifiable metric to measure progress.


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