Strength Training for Men Over 50


May 27, 2015

strength training for men over 50

You need this.

strength training for men over 50

A go-to workout. Something you can do when your planned workout gets shelved.

Short on time-hit the go-to workout.

Don’t just bag it. Do something.

Successful strength training for men over 50 requires consistency.

Don’t miss workouts. Always get something in.

I call it my “If All Else Fails” workout.

Here’s what I do.


  1. Intensity
  2. Full-Body
  3. Minimal Equipment
  4. Something I like

You can get intensity in many ways.

  • Heavy weights
  • High reps
  • Short rest
  • Supersets
  • Circuits
  • Compound movement
  • or Combinations of these things

I like a full-body approach for this workout. get maximum benefit from your time invested.

Your main goal should be to just do something, anything.

Sets of push ups while watching the news are just fine. Anything is always better than nothing.

The purpose of this workout is more about maintaining your habit of training than getting a super workout.

But you can have your cake and eat it too with the right workout plan.

Minimal or no equipment makes sense. Many times you won’t have access to a gym so plan accordingly.

Pick something you like. Don’t put obstacles in front of yourself.

Burpees would be a great “If All Else Fails” workout. High intensity, full body, no equipment but do you like them?

Probably not. They’re so effing hard!

My workout

Start with an Overhead Press. See video below.

Overhead pressing

  • Tremendous shoulder and triceps development
  • Great for mid-section stabilization and strength
  • Practical, real life move
  • All around super upper body lift

Then add the Body Weight Squat. See video below.

Body Weight Squatting

  • The best leg builder available
  • Helps hip mobility which tends to be a problem with the over 50 lifter
  • Gotta be able to squat down and stand up
  • Good core stabilizer as well
  • Probably the single best overall lower body exercise there is

So you take these two great lifts, one upper body and the other lower body, put them together and what do you get?

The Thruster. See video below.

Or sometimes just called what it is:

Front Squat-Overhead Press

Yea I like doing these. They’re hard but somehow feel rewarding.

I like them best with the kettlebells as shown in the video. It’s just easier to rack the weight and feel comfortable.

You can use a barbell (I do occasionally) however it requires good shoulder and wrist flexibility, neither of which I have.

How do I do them?

  1. Straight sets. Control the rest period.
  2. Ladders. One. Then two. Then three up to some number and back down.
  3. Supersets. Thrusters and Push Ups work well. Thrusters and Farmers Walks are good.
  4. Circuits. KB Deadlift– or KB Clean– or KB Thruster works great.

Get your Backup Plan in order today

Plan for failure so your don’t fail.

Strength Training for Men Over 50

This is my very best program for building muscle after 50 years old.

Check it out.

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