Are your low back pain symptoms getting worse?

Do you?believe?there is nothing you can really do about it?

How long have you considered yourself someone with “a bad back?”

I had a bad back for 35 years.

No more.

My back is strong and most of all reliable now.

I don’t worry about my back “going out” anymore.

I do?dead lifts, squats, power cleans,?kettle bells, back extensions?and overhead presses.

Things that “bad back” guys never do. How can I do this after 35 years of tweaking my from just back tripping over my shadow?

Low Back Pain Symptoms do not Necessarily Mean You Have a Bad Back.

It’s possible you?really?do have an injury that requires professional consultation. By just not that likely.

By all means, if you have acute pain in the lower back, get it checked out.

But, statistically speaking, you are more likely the victim of a weak back. Not a bad back.

Yes you are weak in the core and low back from?under use. And this is why you get hurt from time to time.

Read here to see how you can cure your low back pain symptoms?forever.

Wouldn’t it be nice to never have a low back event again?

How would you like to start doing all the stuff you gave up because of your low back problems?

Things like:

  1. Running
  2. Weight?lifting
  3. Water Skiing
  4. Backpacking
  5. Maybe even hiking
  6. or Playing Tennis
  7. or playing with the kids
  8. or just being a fun dude

Yea a bad back can really ruin your day.

3 Simple Steps to Cure Your Low Back Symptoms Forever

  1. Make sure you are not really injured. If acute pain lasts more than a few days, it is worth having a professional examine your back.
  2. Start rehabilitation.
    1. Loosen the muscles enough where you can begin to move again.
    2. As pain subsides, start improving range of motion.
    3. Continue your low back rehabilitation in?preparation?for strength training.
  3. Strengthen your weak lower back.

A strong back will take 20 years off your body. Or at least your mental perception of your body.

And that is something worth working for.


Share this post with someone who suffers from a bad lower back. It may be the best thing anyone has ever done for them.


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Mark Fickler

Mark aka The Old Spartan and Over-50 Fitness Savior is a 64 year old coffee guzzling father of five wandering the outdoors around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mark helps Active Boomers get lean, healthy and strong so they live rewarding, fun lives using his signature 2 Rule Easy Fat Loss training program.

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