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April 25, 2015

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Stand Up Straight
Stand Up Straight


Great simple posture tip from Built Lean.

I’ve heard this “head on a string” coaching tip before but it went dormant (in my brain). I haven’t thought about it lately.

I like Marc’s article because he goes into depth on all the physical changes that will result from simply thinking about pulling your head up with a string.

You generally just think about your head, neck and shoulder improvement but he goes into all the alignment modifications you can benefit from:

  • head
  • neck
  • shoulders
  • hips
  • knees
  • and ankles

I like simple.

Try this tip a few times a day. You’ll see and feel improvement in your body alignment.

And let’s be honest, posture is a serious issue for you. So work on it.

Straighten up from top to bottom.

I think I’ll do it too.


You need to squat. It’s a basic human movement.

But back squats can be hard to get into good position due to mobility issues (shoulders especially).

I just don’t do back squats any more for this very reason.

And front squats challenge your set up as well. Again shoulder and wrist flexibility is required.

I don’t have it. Now maybe I should work on it. But that is another discussion.

I’ve got the Goblet Squat as my savior so I don’t really need bar squats.

And I like doing ’em (Goblet Squats, that is).

Easy set up. Nice, deep, smooth squat. Maybe a pause at the bottom.

You can get a great squat workout without a lot of weight doing Goblet Squats.

And this article by Tony Gentilcore throws in a few more cool modifications.

So now they are even more versatile.

I like his Elevator Option. It’s kind of like my 1.5X rep strategy where you:

  1. Descend to the bottom
  2. Come up halfway
  3. Back to the bottom
  4. and then up to the top to finish a rep

No more excuses for not squatting.
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Slow Carbs?


It’s quite popular to categorize carbs based on their glycemic index. And this is essentially the same as tagging them as fast or slow.

Fast carbs have a GI over 50 and slow carbs are under 50.

High GI means fast digestion which equals a fast rise in blood glucose and then a fast insulin response to clean up the mess.

And the conventional wisdom has always been:

  1. High GI is less filling, less satiating. You’ll eat more and sooner after a high GI carb meal.
  2. So if you want to lose weight, you should stick to “Slow Carbs.” Because you’ll be fuller, longer.

But along comes smart guy Stephen Guyenet (and he is smart), and he says not so fast.

The data doesn’t support the hypothesis (darn data, politicians never get hung up by the facts not supporting the story).

So the good news (I guess): Eat the carbs you like best.

Because it doesn’t seem to matter whether you go “slow” or “fast” with carbs.

If you want to lose weight however, eat fewer of them (calories).

Because that does work.

What do you think?

Do you like reading articles like the ones I’ve highlighted? Post your reply in the comment section.

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Old Spartan

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  • Mark Mundie says:

    I found these tips very useful, especially the one about “fast” and “slow” carbs !!!!

    • Mark, yea that one surprised me too. I was in the “slow carbs are better” camp. So now I know.

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