workouts for men over 50 with push up progressions

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Have you tried perfect pushup workouts?

perfect pushup workouts
Perfect pushup workouts are a great upper body exercise you can do anywhere. You can never do too many pushups.

Are you doing any push up workouts might be a better question. The push up may be the single best upper body exercise you have in your arsenal. You really should do push ups often and here is why.

  • The basic push up requires no equipment. It’s a beautiful thing.
  • You can do them anywhere; in your home, in the yard, at the park or beach or on a large boulder in the woods.
  • There is an endless variety of options to the basic push up.
    1. Hands wide
    2. Narrow grip
    3. Staggered hands
    4. Off the blocks for a deeper stretch
    5. Hands on a ball
    6. Asymmetrical versions like one hand up and the other down
    7. Vary the body angle
    8. Twisting push ups
    9. Explosive or plyometric push ups
    10. Crawling type push ups like Spiderman’s or alligator push ups
    11. Mix and match the various versions
    12. The sky’s the limit. If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • Anyone can learn to do them. There is a progression from very basic, easy push ups to the more complex and difficult ones. You can start a push up?program?no matter what your current level of fitness.
  • Push ups work the core! This may be the best unknown reason to do push ups. Unlike bench pressing, a common chest and triceps workout, the plank stabilization required during a push up is a core shredder. You get the added benefit of ab work without even thinking?about it.
  • Push ups are a natural movement. If you are going to get up from a lying position on the ground, you are going to do some type of push up. It is good to perform movements that are natural to your everyday life.

OK so why should you consider doing perfect pushup workouts?

Or, stepping back just a bit, what are perfect pushup workouts?

The Perfect Push Up is the trade name for the rotating push up handle that is supposed to somehow improve on the age-old, standard, anybody can do them anywhere and anytime, push up.

Well, does it meet this claim? Here is my take on them.

A few years ago I would have said “forget about them”. It’s just another gadget you don’t need. Just do push ups like the marines have done for decades; hands on the ground and face in the mud.

If you want to get a deeper stretch in the chest then use a stack of books or a few bricks or whatever; improvise (marines again).

But now I have a slightly different take on them and here is why.

A friend of mine had a pair at a summer beach house where I stayed for a week a few years back. And we did push ups everyday because that is what guys do when they are at the beach. Pump it up and then hit the beach. Even old guys still do this.

I liked the perfect push up device for these reasons:

  1. There is no wrist strain when using the handles. Your hand is in a natural, straight, strong position and there is no flexing of your wrist. So if you have wrist problems or just inflexible wrists, they may be good for you. And to be honest, my wrists are less flexible than they use to be. Sometimes they do hurt a bit after a session of push ups.
  2. I like the deep stretch from the elevated position on the handles. But, like I said earlier, you could just use some books or bricks or a ball like I do sometimes. But, if you like the reduced stress on your wrists, it is nice to have that and an improved stretch all in one. So why not use them?
  3. The hand rotation aspect does come in naturally when doing perfect pushup workouts. I noticed my hands rotating slightly outward at the bottom of the push up. So this seems to be the natural position your hands want to take as you move through the motion. I?didn’t?do the exaggerated rotation of the hands 90 degrees as you see in the commercials for these devices. That?didn’t?feel natural at all. But I would conclude it is a natural, stress relieving movement for your hands to rotate outward at the bottom of the push up and this may be a good thing overall. I think it relieves stress on the shoulder socket and this is another problem area for me.

But whether you need the perfect push up is another question.

Are perfect push up workouts better than standard, old, been around for eternity push ups?

The beauty of the push up is both its simplicity and the fact that you are always ready to pop down and bang out a set.

They travel with you whether on business in a distant city or when adding an upper body pump to your hike into the forest.

So my gut instinct is that no one really needs these things. Again, if you have mobility issues in your wrist or shoulder, they may be a good option for you.
But here is the deal. A lot of people buy gadgets because they believe they are “the answer” to all their problems. If you believe you need the perfect pushups handles to build a better chest, I think you are wrong. You are not going to be any stronger and have a better developed chest doing perfect pushup workouts than the dude (or gal) doing mister old tried and true, regular push ups?

The only reason you don?t see improvement from standard push ups, with all their variation and modifications, is that you are not doing them consistently.

It is that simple. If you perform push ups regularly, you will make gains without a doubt. Buying a new gadget will not help you break whatever mental barrier you have right now to just doing the work. You still have to perform the perfect push up workouts to get the results. If you are not doing it now, I doubt adding these rotating handles to your bag of tricks will make the difference.

If you have more money than you know what to do with, go ahead and buy a set. They won?t make your push up experience any worse than standard fare. They just can?t guarantee you that it will be any better.

If you have treadmills and stair climbers and cross-country skiing machines and the bow flex and all of that stuff that you just end up hanging your clothes on, you probably should get a set of perfect push up handles just to have more crap lying around. I’m kidding here. Some of the Jersey slips out every now and again.

Again, if you need wrist or shoulder strain relief, you should consider getting them. Otherwise, just understand that while they cannot hurt, they will not deliver magical results.

Perfect Pushup Workouts in 10 Minutes or Less


  • Always use good form
  • ?You need to limit rest time to get effective workouts in short time periods

?Sample Perfect Pushup Workouts #1

I usually warm up with slow, steady, full depth push ups with a standard width grip. A set of 10 followed by a set of 20. Standard?width hands for 20 reps

  1. Wide grip for 20
    1. Short rest
  2. Narrow width for 20
    1. Medium rest
  3. T push up for 10?reps?and then right into 10 standard reps
    1. Short rest
  4. Staggered?hands, right hand up for 20
    1. Short rest
  5. Staggered hands, left hand up for 20
    1. Medium rest
  6. Wide grip for max reps
    1. Short rest
  7. Medium grip for max reps
    1. Short Rest
  8. Narrow?grip for max

You are done and should be pumped. Congratulations.

Sample Perfect Pushup Workouts #2

Warm up

  1. Standard?width hands for 20 reps
    1. Short rest
  2. Wide Grip for 20
    1. Short rest
  3. Narrow width for 20
    1. Medium rest
  4. Standard width hands
    1. 5 reps of top half of push up
    2. 5 reps of bottom half of push up
    3. 5 full reps
  5. Short rest
  6. Wide grip hands
    1. 5 reps of top half of push up
    2. 5 reps of bottom half of push up
    3. 5 full reps
  7. Medium Rest
  8. Right hand on soccer ball for 20 reps
    1. Short Rest
  9. Left Hand on soccer ball for 20 reps
    1. Short rest
  10. Both hands on soccer ball (close grip) for 10 reps
    1. Medium Rest
  11. Standard width hands
    1. 5 reps of top half of push up
    2. 5 reps of bottom half of push up
    3. 5 full reps
  12. Short rest
  13. Wide grip hands
    1. 5 reps of top half of push up
    2. 5 reps of bottom half of push up
    3. 5 full reps

Your chest is pumped and your triceps are bulging!

The bottom line for whether you use The Perfect Push Up or not.

OK there are some benefits like:

  • lower stress on your wrists
  • probably better ergonomically because of the rotating handles
  • built-in deeper flex from being off the ground

But you have to use them. They won?t solve your basic problem of not working out hard enough to get some results.

You have to put the work in to see the pec separation and horseshoe?triceps.

Are perfect pushup workouts in your future?

This is your personal choice. I don?t think you need them but I am old school. I lift rocks and throw them in my yard for a workout so I?m not a gadget guy by nature. But if you can benefit from some of their design features, go ahead and get a pair. Or just get the simpler version of static push up bars.

Both will get you a great stretch.

Just do your pushups. With or without the perfect pushup handles, the good old pushup should be a mainstay in your workout regimen.

Do you commonly due push up workouts? What is your favorite push up routine? Please comment below.

Mark Fickler, aka The Old Spartan
Mark Fickler, aka The Old Spartan

About the author 

Mark Fickler

Mark aka The Old Spartan and Over-50 Fitness Savior is a 64 year old coffee guzzling father of five wandering the outdoors around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mark helps Active Boomers get lean, healthy and strong so they live rewarding, fun lives using his signature 2 Rule Easy Fat Loss training program.

  • If I recall…… it wasn’t only what the guys did at the beach with Crame’s perfect push up thingies!!!!

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