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This is a 21 Day course delivered via email to your inbox. Each day you'll get an email (sometimes two) that tells you exactly what to do for that day. You'll get info on:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. and Lifestyle
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2 Lessons

Section 1 - Example Daily Content

See the type of information that is delivered in the daily emails.

Day 1

Diet: Kitchen/Pantry Purge

First things first! Time to eliminate SAD (Standard American Diet) foods that may be lurking in your house. There is no halfway allowed here: a purge is a purge, and even those precious old favorites must go if you want to transform from a sugar-burner into a fat-burning beast quickly.?

What has to go? Breads, cereals, baked goods, and anything made from grains, whole or otherwise; packaged foods and processed foods; heavily processed industrial seed, grain, and vegetable oils, as well as dressings and sauces made from them (mayonnaise, salad dressings); the "mindless crunchy snacks" that derail you in front of the TV at night; sweets, sugary drinks and sodas; frozen convenience meals, canned convenience foods; and just about anything that was made by man or produced in a factory.

Diet: Restock Preparation?

Grab a few essentials at your local supermarket so you don?t starve before tomorrow: eggs, veggies, fruit, nuts, and meat. Meanwhile, spend a little time on the telephone or Internet lining up the best locations for a proper Primal shopping spree tomorrow. Get ready to storm your local farmer?s market, co-op, or alternative grocer.?

Exercise: ?Increase Daily Movement

Implement at least two basic non-exercise movements today ? a morning walk with the dog, brief work breaks, a stroll before arriving home, or an evening stroll with the family after dinner.

Lifestyle ? Primal Essentials

One of the best ways to ensure success with any health program is to set yourself up with the tools and resources you'll need to get?and stay?on track. Prepare for your 21-Day journey by having these essentials at the ready:

Evening tools?(to help create a calm, ambient environment, which will encourage great quality sleep):?

  • f.lux app for smartphones, tablets or computers
  • Amber lensed glasses?
  • Yellow-hued lightbulbs, candles

Exercise basics:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Suitable location for sprints
  • Pull-up bar (get one that hangs in your door frame!)
  • Suspension Trainer
  • A weighted vest
  • Barefoot shoes - Vibrams or similar

Kitchen basics:?

  • A tidy fridge?
  • Available space in the freezer
  • Cookbooks
  • A curated list of great culinary websites?
  • Cookware
  • Spices
  • Primal foods (the restock happens tomorrow!)

Shopping resources:

  • Local shops that offer quality protein and produce
  • Internet resources to order in the things you can't buy locally


  • Check out some options at work for quiet time and mini-workouts
  • What appliances are available to you at work??
  • Is there room in a spice cupboard for you to bring your own spices and oils?

Day 2

Diet - Primal Shopping Spree

Refer to the Primal Approved Foods list as your handy shopping list, and get filling your fridge, freezer, and pantry with your favorite items! Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with the foods to support you. ?

See next file for Primal Approved Foods PDF.

Exercise ? Moderate Duration Aerobic Workout

Determine ?moderate duration? according to your typical workout routine?likely somewhere in the range of 20 to 60 minutes. Maintain a comfortable pace of 55-75 percent of maximum heart rate, tracked by heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, or a few pulse checks during the session.?

Lifestyle - Calm, Relaxing Evening; and a Good Quality Sleep

Establish a screen curfew after dark, and dim the lights and/or use yellow lenses and bulbs after dark, too.?

Take a 5-to-15-minute evening stroll, enjoy some family relaxation time (board game, cards, talking, reading).?

Awaken early, hopefully near sunrise and without an alarm, but do the best you can.?

Expose yourself to direct sunlight as soon as you wake up, and consider an energizing morning ritual (breathing and stretching exercises, cold water plunge, hot shower, neighborhood stroll), if you are not the morning type.

2 Lessons

Section 2 - Example Educational Content

In addition to the daily habit building emails, you'll also get periodic educational content to help you understand important topics better. See some examples below.


It's time for a brief lesson in percents.

The "80 Percent Rule" is a philosophical element of the Primal lifestyle. The essence of this concept is that you should enjoy your life and your Primal pursuits without worrying about being perfect. Strive to do your very best to complete the course action items and align your lifestyle with the Primal lifestyle approach, knowing and accepting that you will occasionally fall short in today's hectic modern world.?

To be clear, I want you to strive for 100 percent success and accept 80 percent, not strive for 80 percent and see what happens. For example, your heart rate might exceed the 75 percent "Move Frequently at a Slow Pace" limit occasionally and briefly on certain workouts for various reasons--inattention, keeping up with faster training partners so you don't get lost, or rushing home if you're running late. These circumstances are quite different from being indiscriminate about your heart rate during sustained exercise, thinking that it's not important to be extremely strict and vigilant about avoiding the "chronic" zone.?

The 80 Percent Rule also applies to your dietary choices. Start your day trying to go full Primal and be proactive about creating a winning environment for your food choices and mealtime habits. However, if a long-lost friend stops by with a fresh homemade cheesecake offering, enjoy the treat and socialize without a second thought...and then be rarin' to go full Primal the next day.?

Our primal ancestors had no time for guilt over guilty pleasures, and neither do we!

Food Choices

Let's dish on the organic vs. conventional food debate. You've been reading about how locally grown products are far superior to conventional, mass-produced products. However, this is not always easy for budget and logistics. While there are clearly strong objections to eating a bunless burger of dubious origin from a fast food joint or buying conventional blueberries flown in from Chile in the dead of winter, these choices are still much better than eating a slice of fresh-baked, organic whole wheat bread--or any other grain product.

Note from Mark:?You are in a transformation phase, trying to lose excess fat, heal your system and get active again. Once you become fat-adapted and your body becomes metabolically flexible (this could take awhile), then you will able to eat some foods (occasionally) not on the Primal Approved list. It will have little effect on you as your system will recover very quickly. But for now, you gotta stick with the plan.

Your main commitment should be to eat from the Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid, choosing the highest quality products you can locate and afford in the various food categories. But as long as you land on the pyramid, you don't have to stress about the details too much. Meat and eggs should be your #1 priority for organic. If you must purchase conventional meats, choose the leanest possible cuts and trim the excess fat. This will significantly reduce your potential exposure to toxins. Furthermore, the Primal Blueprint recommendation to enjoy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, and dark chocolate will help you obtain sufficient antioxidants to help neutralize any potential toxin residue left in meat after cooking.

So don't drive yourself crazy these 21 days trying to hunt down the purest organic fare. As long as you stay far from grains, straying into the conventional domain occasionally won't thwart your efforts. Happy dining!

1 Lesson

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