Fat Loss

Burn The Flab in 60 Days

4 Modules 8 Lessons Easy

About this course

This is an introductory fat loss course utilizing a Primal eating and exercise approach. It is appropriate for all levels and will produce exceptional results when you incorporate these changes into your lifestyle for 60 days or more.

It covers:

  1. Background information (Why it works)
  2. Nutritional information (How it works) and
  3. Exercise information (What to do)
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Course Structure

2 Lessons

Background Information

Learn the science behind the Primal Approach.

Key Concepts

8 Key Concepts to follow and understand for exceptional health and fitness.

The 10 Laws

What to do and not to do on your never-ending quest for health and fitness.

2 Lessons

Your Eating Plan

What to eat and more importantly, what not to eat.

Food Pyramid

Don't use the USDA Food Pyramid. Use this one instead.

Carbohydrate Restriction

Understanding carbs and how to optimize your fitness and performance.

2 Lessons

Your Training Plan

A simple yet effective exercise plan.

Fitness Pyramid

Simple, yet effective exercises.

Essential Movements

Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat & Carry for full-body exercise.

2 Lessons

Next Steps

What should you do next to continue your progress toward exceptional health and fitness including burning excess body fat, building muscle mass, gaining energy and/or looking and feeling decades younger?

Clarity Call

Take advantage of a free call to determine your best course of action based on where you are in your health journey and what goals you have set for yourself.

Handy PDF

Get a downloadable PDF of the course basics.

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