November 30

How to start losing fat quickly

Fat Loss After 50


The secret is not exercising like a madman.

Or starving yourself with a gimmicky diet.

The secret is simply understanding this basic set of facts:

  • Evolution created your Homo Sapiens genes through selection pressure (the strong survive)
  • Your genes expect certain lifestyle or environmental inputs like:
    • what you eat
    • how you move
    • aerobic conditioning
    • muscle building through intense exercise
    • sun exposure
    • sleep cycles
    • acute stress but not chronic stress
  • If you provide your genes with the expected inputs, you'll be rewarded with a lean, muscular body, exceptional health and loads of energy

So the secret to becoming a life-long fat burner instead of a fat storer is to live like your ancestors (as much as feasible) within the framework of this modern world.

No you don't have to live in a cabin high up in the Rockies away from all modern conveniences (although time in nature and especially in the forest is health promoting).


  1. Your genes are constantly working to build critical protein structures and enzyme pathways and repairing, regenerating, and sometimes even destroying your cells based on the signals they get from their immediate environment.
  2. You have some control over these signals that impact what your genes are doing.
  3. A complete set of Homo Sapiens DNA is contained inside each of the 50 to 60 trillion cells in your body. Approximately 20,000 different genes are located on the DNA strands in each cell in your body.
  4. Genes can be viewed as "on/off" switches for building the protein molecules that influences everything going on in your body.
  5. Gene switches turn on or off according to signals received from their environment. See #2. You have some control over this.
  6. Key Point >>> You can manipulate and optimize gene expression through foods, movement, workouts, and lifestyle behaviors.
  7. Familial genes determine fixed heritable traits, such as eye, hair, and skin color, and even predispositions to obesity, heart disease, cancer, athletic performance and so on.
  8. Negative familial predispositions can be overcome by adhering to evolutionary-based lifestyle behaviors that promote optimal Homo sapiens gene expression. This notion is the essence of the Ancestral Health coaching philosophy espoused by the Spartan Method.

For example, a family history of heart disease or obesity will indeed predispose you to these conditions, but familial health problems that repeat over generations are highly influenced by a pattern of poor dietary and lifestyle habits. Altering the environmental signals that you send your genes can render familial predispositions to health problems or excess body fat storage virtually irrelevant.

Mark Fickler 
The Spartan Method

Gene Expression:

While you are most certainly stuck with your eye and hair color from birth, nearly all the gene expression that influences health and longevity can be manipulated and optimized through your lifestyle behaviors.

Turn on "good" gene switches and you build muscle, increase fat burning, knock out an invading virus, or neutralize the oxidative damage to your cells that characterizes the process of aging and decline. 

While you have a complex makeup of genes that is entirely unique, it's important to understand that genes have no effect until they are expressed.


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