Where does the fat go?

lose fat quickly
What happens when you lose fat quickly?

Have you ever thought about it?

You’ve got fat stored in your belly and various other places around your body.

You want to lose that fat and never see it again.

So you either exercise more or eat less and maybe a combination of the two and then magically you’ve got less fat on your body. Some of your fat has vanished.

Where did it go?

How does your fat go from being stored fat to gone fat?

What happened to your now missing fat?

If you want to lose fat quickly, you really want to know how it happens. Because knowing this basically tells you what you have to do.

Watch this video and find out the math and chemistry behind successful fat loss.

It is very interesting and this guy is a very good presenter. He uses a lot of good visuals to make the information stick. It is both entertaining and informative.

It’s about a 20 minute video but definitely worth watching.

How to Lose Fat Quickly using Biochemistry

So Now You Know Where the Fat Goes

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