lose arm fat fast

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So you’re looking for a focused fat-loss program, huh?

lose arm fat fast
If you want to lose arm fat fast and be ready for hot weather, adjust your diet and get into the weight room!

Is it time to finally?wear tank-tops and short-shorts. Are you ready for it?or do you need to lose arm fat fast?

You know that stubborn jiggly flesh on the back of your arm that never seems to go away no matter how hard you work it.

The weather says it’s time for tank tops and bathing suits but your flabby arms are saying ?no, not yet, we need more time.

You need a plan to lose arm fat fast and not miss any of the fun this summer.

This post is for you if:

    • The back of your arm keeps waving long after you have said goodbye.
    • You have been working your arms hard with curls, push ups, triceps?kickbacks, pilates, yoga, zumba and every other fitness craze that comes along but alas, the firm, fit arms you seek have never emerged.
    • You are smart enough to realize a change of plan is needed. If it ain’t working, you have to try something else.

How to lose arm fat fast and tighten up your entire body in the process.

First, what not to do.

Don?t focus on working your arms in false belief that you somehow can preferentially?reduce the fat?on your arms.

You can?t do it. You can?t do it for belly fat, fat legs, a fat face nor flabby arms. It just doesn’t work that way. Your body stores fat all around itself from top to bottom.

If you could magically go back in time to when you were young and fit and then photograph yourself every month up until present time, you would see a progression of how and where you gained weight (and fat). Maybe your legs started to show first and then your hips and then your waist and then your arms and finally your face showed the weight increase.

You ?now have a photo progression of how your body gains weight. Just run it backwards and you will know how the weight will come off. That is your genetics.

And genetics?are running your show (for the most part).

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So if you want to lose arm fat fast and you know you cannot force the arm fat to reduce until your body says it is ready, what do you do?

You accelerate overall body fat loss by focusing on two things:

  • What you are eating. This may be the most important thing you can do. Know how to eat to optimize fat loss conditions. Nutrition is not the focus of this post but you can read about whether you are likely to be fat in this post.
  • Exercise to optimize fat loss. What exercises and activities burn the most energy and therefore offer you?the best fat burning potential?

You may love yoga and Pilates but they are not your answer for accelerating fat loss.

I am not saying don?t do them. They certainly offer benefits but don?t expect your shredded triceps to magically show up from doing the downward dog.

Resistance training is your key to lose arm fat fast

Resistance training is a broad term that covers weight lifting, body weight exercises and really anything that provides an opposing force when moving your body through space.

Resistance exercise is ideal because you get an additional benefit that most other forms of exercises don?t offer.

Not only do you burn energy while performing the exercise but you can get an after burn effect?when you train hard enough to break down muscle tissue.

It is common for your body to remain at an elevated metabolic rate after lifting weights due to the healing and muscle repair required after a good workout.

This is what you want. Maximize?your calories burned for the time invested.

Up the ante by going big

Warm weather is coming and you need to lose arm fat fast. No time to mess around.

You gotta go big with your exercise selection. By this I mean move the big muscle groups through their full range of motion.

Big muscles mean big energy expenditure. You want to train the legs, hips, back chest and shoulders to lose arm fat fast.

Don?t work your arms, focus on everything else!

Don?t worry, your arms will get trained as a secondary effect of pushing and pulling weights for the other body part movements.

Try these exercises to really crank up your fat burning machine.

  • Body Weight Squats. A great exercise and no weights are required. The squat should be part of your fitness routine no matter what you want to accomplish.
  • Dead Lift. Just pick it up and put it down. Simple but super effective.
  • Kettlebell Swings. This will kick your butt and blast your fat. If you want to lose arm fat fast, swing the kettlebell at least once a week.
  • The Thruster. Combine a front squat with an overhead press for a full body workout that is very effective for both fat loss and core development.
  • Try some sprints. Trade in one of your long run days or biking days or whatever you are doing now for a sprint day. And this will only take about 20 minutes or so. Sprint at ? to ? all out effort for 40 yards or so. Walk back to the starting line and repeat. Go for 6 to 8 cycles. That?s it. A great workout for fat blasting.

How to lose arm fat fast and look great in your slinky tank tops

  • Eat the right stuff. Just eat real food.
  • Don?t work your arms with puny pink dumbbells. Please. Go big in the gym. Work the big muscle groups using complex movements.
  • Just stick with the basic, tried and true resistance training moves. Don?t fall for gimmicks like the Brazil Butt Lift or Zumba or Spinning. While you can get a workout from this stuff, it pales next to weight training for overall effectiveness. Why waste your time with sub-par results when you can blast fat by pumping iron?

What’s your favorite fat loss workout?

Tell us below in the comments section.

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