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how to gain muscle fast
A regular and sustained weight training program is how to gain muscle fast

Yes old guys can build muscle. Old gals too.

Maybe not as fast as the young bucks, but make no mistake, you can still get strong, build muscle and kick some ass after 50 years old.

How to gain muscle fast and look good with your shirt off. That’s really what you want to know.

Here’s your formula:

  1. Move around a lot. Be active. Sit less.
  2. Occasionally, pick things up and then put them down. The heavier the better.
  3. Eat real food, especially good quality protein.
  4. Don’t act like an old guy. Have fun. Play games. Sprint, run, jump, climb, hike, ride and laugh.
  5. Sleep like a baby.
That is how you build muscle mass. Rinse and repeat over and over and you’ll get strong.


And by the way. If you want to live longer, lift weights.

It’s true.

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The Old School, New Body training program is very effective at building muscle after 50.

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