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What clients say...



Really appreciate your following up.

When we started this program, I set some goals that would have been great to achieve over time. I was cautiously optimistic. Gratefully, I am proud to say that I can wear 33? waist pants. I haven?t done this in 20 years. I still have some weight to drop but, I?m getting closer every week. You?ve truly been instrumental in helping me change my life. I?m eternally grateful.

With much gratitude for all your guidance.

John Oppelt 



I just finished my third workout of week 12. I started with 10lb weights and ended up squatting with 80lbs, swinging 60lbs and pressing 50lbs. In week one I did six pushups, today I completed 30, and I could have done more. I?m feeling fitter and stronger and am so glad I found your program when I did. I have lost around 30lbs and my waist has shrunk by six inches. Your availability and input has been invaluable throughout this process. This indeed been a lifestyle change and I?m so pleased I acted when I did. Cheers!

Iain Halstead


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