We are forever on our quest to a hard body after fifty years?old. Keep training, eat real food,?sleep?well and keep your head in the game. You will win the battle if you stick with it long?enough.

No matter what your?starting?point; no matter how out of shape, unfit or overweight you are, you can get better. You can get fitter. Getting started is the key. And knowledge is the power to flips the odds in your favor. Knowing what to do is probably more important than just doing.

The Weekly Wrap

I’ve selected a few articles from around the web that I stumbled across during the week. Hope you find?the?information useful.

Are eggs the perfect health food or an artery clogger??

Adverting is confusing and I think it is so on purpose. Food companies know they can latch onto subliminal messaging to get us to conclude things that are not really true. They throw around terms that sound good and healthy to?influence?buying decisions. Terms like organic, natural, free-range and cage-free sound like good stuff.

But are they?

Is buying organic worth the extra money. Maybe it is for the Dirty Dozen.

What about eggs? Are free-range eggs the best eggs you can buy? Check out this post on?Healthy Eggs. You may be surprised.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Have you heard of fibromyalgia? Women suffer from this?debilitating?condition?at 9 times the rate of men. It is not well understood but there is some evidence that diet may play a role. If you suffer from widespread muscle pain, fatigue, muscle twitching, weak limbs and sleep disorders, read this post on?Fibromyalgia.

Get a hard body after fifty.

Want to get strong? Are you exercising to lose body fat? Are you trying to get a hard body after fifty years of beating yourself up on this earth?

Hit the basics hard if you want to get in top?shape?fast. Perform squats, overhead presses, push ups and don’t forget your dead lifts.

Squats and deads are where men and women are made.

If you want to?build?muscle and get strong, you better be dead lifting and squatting. If you are?trying?to shed fat as fast as possible, don’t forget to include these same lifts in your workout. They are the foundation of any sound?fitness?program. For a great?info graphic?on the proper dead lift techniques, go to?this?post about the?Dead Lift.

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