Fat Loss

Why It Matters

Lesson 3

Sugar is the new tobacco.

Meaning the government is telling you to eat it all the while it's silently killing you.

Same old story.

Chronically elevated blood sugar is a bad mofo.

And when I say sugar I mean all sugars whether table sugar (sucrose), maple syrup, honey, fructose, lactose (milk sugar), any freaking sugar and:

  1. all starches
  2. and all grain based products (which covers a lot of stuff).
The reason being is they all break down into glucose upon digestion which triggers the insulin release and the whole cascade of events.
  1. Fat storage
  2. Insulin Resistance
  3. Inflammation
  4. Ill-health and disease

It's not a pretty picture. Watch the video for more.

Check out this training program if you're experiencing any of these common symptoms:

  1. Expanding waistline
  2. Joint aches and pains from excess weight
  3. Tired/low energy
  4. Confused about what to do
  5. Low testosterone and perhaps erectile dysfunction
  6. Hard (physically) to get out of bed in the morning

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