Fat Loss

The Insulin Response

Lesson 2

In a healthy person, insulin is secreted in response to a rise in blood sugar and it basically does a couple of things:

  1. It first sends all the circulating fat in your blood to storage in your fat cells because insulin wants to prioritize using glucose for energy.
  2. Second, it tells all the cells in your body to turn on their receptors for glucose so they will burn the sugar if they need energy.
  3. Once all the cells are satisfied for energy and there still remains excess glucose in your blood stream, insulin sends another signal to round up the remaining blood sugar, send it to the liver for conversion to triglycerides (the storage form of fat) and then store it away in your fat cells.

This is an elegant system that works well to use glucose when it's available and use any excess for stored energy that can be utilized when needed.

The problems start to arise when you chronically abuse the system (by consuming massive amounts of carbohydrates day after day) and a couple of bad things start to occur:

  1. You're always storing excess energy as fat but never going back in and pulling out the stored fat for energy. Your fat storage system was designed to temporarily store fat but then go back and retrieve it as soon as food is in short supply (which never happens today).
  2. After decades of abusing your system, it breaks down and you become insulin resistant. This is the beginning of the death spiral. Watch the video for more information.?

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