Lesson 3 Module 2

A Lesson in Percents

The "80 Percent Rule" is a philosophical element of the Primal lifestyle. The essence of this concept is that you should enjoy your life and your Primal pursuits without worrying about being perfect. Strive to do your very best to complete the course action items and align your lifestyle with the Primal lifestyle approach, knowing and accepting that you will occasionally fall short in today's hectic modern world. 

Plan for Success, Accept a Little Less:

To be clear, I want you to strive for 100 percent success and accept 80 percent, not strive for 80 percent and see what happens. For example, your heart rate might exceed the 75 percent "Move Frequently at a Slow Pace" limit occasionally and briefly on certain workouts for various reasons--inattention, keeping up with faster training partners so you don't get lost, or rushing home if you're running late. These circumstances are quite different from being indiscriminate about your heart rate during sustained exercise, thinking that it's not important to be extremely strict and vigilant about avoiding the "chronic" zone. 

Be Reasonable in Your Expectations:

The 80 Percent Rule also applies to your dietary choices. Start your day trying to go full Primal and be proactive about creating a winning environment for your food choices and mealtime habits. However, if a long-lost friend stops by with a fresh homemade cheesecake offering, enjoy the treat and socialize without a second thought...and then be rarin' to go full Primal the next day. 

Our primal ancestors had no time for guilt over guilty pleasures, and neither do we!