Fat Loss

Key Concepts

Lesson 1 Module 1

The Story

  1. Assorted genes throughout your body are constantly working, orchestrating the building of critical protein structures and enzyme pathways and repairing, regenerating, and sometimes even destroying your cells based on the signals they get from their immediate environment.
  2. A complete set of Homo sapiens DNA is contained inside each of the 50 to 60 trillion cells in the body. Approximately 20,000 different genes are located on the DNA strands in each cell.
  3. Genes can be viewed as an assortment of "on/off" switches for building the protein molecules that influence every element of body function and structure.
  4. Familial genes determine fixed heritable traits, such as eye, hair, and skin color, and even predispositions to obesity, heart disease, cancer, athletic performance, mathematical or musical aptitude, and so on. Negative familial predispositions can be overcome by adhering to evolutionary-based lifestyle behaviors that promote optimal Homo sapiens gene expression. This notion is the essence of the Primal philosophy.

The Problem:

  • Gene switches turn on or off according to signals received from their environment. You can manipulate and optimize gene expression through foods, workouts, and lifestyle behaviors.

  • Genes don't know or care whether these environmental signals promote or compromise your health; they simply react to each stimulus in an effort to promote your immediate survival.
  • Your modern life is simply giving your genes the wrong signals and in turn, you've switched on or up-regulated negative outcomes like fat storing instead of fat burning.
  • The Solution:

    Examine your modern life and attempt a more evolutionary modeled lifestyle like eating real foods, getting appropriate exercise, mitigating chronic stress,  spending time outside in natural environments getting sunshine and fresh air and living more in tune with your circadian rhythm.

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