Food Choices

Lesson 4 Module 2

Don't Get Hung Up On Perfection

Let's dish on the organic vs. conventional food debate. You've been reading about how locally grown products are far superior to conventional, mass-produced products. However, this is not always easy for budget and logistics. While there are clearly strong objections to eating a bunless burger of dubious origin from a fast food joint or buying conventional blueberries flown in from Chile in the dead of winter, these choices are still much better than eating a slice of fresh-baked, organic whole wheat bread--or any other grain product.

Note from Mark:

You are in a transformation phase, trying to lose excess fat, heal your system and get active again. Once you become fat-adapted and your body becomes metabolically flexible (this could take awhile), then you will able to eat some foods (occasionally) not on the Primal Approved list. It will have little effect on you as your system will recover very quickly. But for now, you gotta stick with the plan.

Your main commitment should be to eat from the Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid, choosing the highest quality products you can locate and afford in the various food categories. But as long as you land on the pyramid, you don't have to stress about the details too much. Meat and eggs should be your #1 priority for organic.

If you must purchase conventional meats, choose the leanest possible cuts and trim the excess fat. This will significantly reduce your potential exposure to toxins. Furthermore, the Primal Blueprint recommendation to enjoy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, and dark chocolate will help you obtain sufficient antioxidants to help neutralize any potential toxin residue left in meat after cooking.

So don't drive yourself crazy these 21 days trying to hunt down the purest organic fare. As long as you stay far from grains, straying into the conventional domain occasionally won't thwart your efforts. Happy dining!