Day 2

Lesson 2 Module 1

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Diet: Primal Shopping Spree

Refer to the Primal Approved Foods list as your handy shopping list, and get filling your fridge, freezer, and pantry with your favorite items! Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with the foods to support you.

See next file for Primal Approved Foods PDF. (you'll get the link to this PDF in the course)


Exercise: Moderate Duration Aerobic Workout

Determine moderate duration according to your typical workout routine. It is likely somewhere in the range of 20 to 60 minutes. Maintain a comfortable pace of 55-75 percent of maximum heart rate, tracked by heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, or a few pulse checks during the session.


Lifestyle: Calm Relaxing Evening and Good Quality Sleep

Establish a screen curfew after dark, and dim the lights and/or use yellow lenses and bulbs after dark, too.

Take a 5-to-15-minute evening stroll, enjoy some family relaxation time (board game, cards, talking, reading). 

Awaken early, hopefully near sunrise and without an alarm, but do the best you can.  Expose yourself to direct sunlight as soon as you wake up, and consider an energizing morning ritual (breathing and stretching exercises, cold water plunge, hot shower, neighborhood stroll), if you are not the morning type.