Fat Loss

Carbohydrate Restriction

Lesson 4 Module 2

The Story

Humans have been hard-wired through environmental selection pressure to prefer fat as their primary fuel source from both storage and from dietary sources. Our preference for fat burning contrasts sharply with conventional wisdom that suggests carbohydrates should form the foundation of a healthy diet. The modern high-carbohydrate, grain-based diet has created a dependency on external carbohydrates for energy at the expense of efficient fat metabolism.This causes us to struggle to maintain stable energy levels since we are so heavily reliant upon a steady supply of ingested calories for energy.

The Problem:

Instead of taking advantage of our abundant fat stores, and assorted other internal mechanisms for energy production (e.g., stored glycogen, gluconeogenesis, ketone production), this high-carbohydrate eating pattern stimulates chronically excessive insulin production. With insulin chronically elevated to deal with the genetically unfamiliar high-carbohydrate eating pattern, abundant sources of energy are locked away, and inaccessible, in fat cells and other cells. Furthermore, a high-carbohydrate, high insulin-producing diet is pro-inflammatory, immune suppressing, and hormone balance disrupting, which increases the risk of assorted health problems and serious disease.

The glucose requirements of your muscles and organs can be more than satisfied by a reasonable intake of primal foods that contain carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds) as well as the internal processes of gluconeogenesis (conversion of amino acids into glucose) and ketone production in the liver. Ketones are fat metabolism by-products that are produced when carbohydrate intake is very low. Ketones are utilized by the body in the same manner as glucose, making this internal energy source a highly effective, clean-burning substitute for the energy provided by ingested carbohydrates.

The Solution:

Reprogramming your genes to become efficient at fat and ketone burning can lessen your reliance on external sources of carbohydrates for energy, sparing the fight-or-flight response from abuse and minimizing the breakdown of lean muscle tissue into glucose for quick energy, a process that occurs frequently in a sugar burner since stored energy is not readily accessible.

Primal-aligned eating habits can improve caloric efficiency, the ability to survive and thrive on fewer ingested calories. This is preferable to speeding up metabolism, because an accelerated metabolism and an accordant acceleration of cell division can increase cancer risk and shorten lifespan.

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