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4 Laws of Muscle

>> This is a great article <<Short. Concise. And packed with information.I learned some stuff from it. You will too.The 4 Laws of MuscleYou are what you just ateIf you exercise first, you're

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Push Up – Sprint AMRAP

WOW 5-6-17 AMRAP – As Many Rounds (or Reps) As Possible I did a Push Up / Sprint AMRAP that looked like this: Each round was: 3 push ups; 10 yard sprint; and walk back 6 push ups; 20 yard sprint;

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Push, Pull, Squat Circuit

A Simple Workout – WOW 4-29-17 OK I saw this on Flakebook or somewhere and gave it a shot on Friday. Here’s the set up: 3 exercises Push Ups, Body Weight Squats and Pull Ups done in a circuit,

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Build Muscle Walking

I like simple things that work. Like the Farmer’s Walk. There are many ways to do it so just use your imagination. I did this 30 minute workout today (4/22/17). With one 16 kg kettlebell (I’ll

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Can You Build Muscle at 50 with 10 Minute Workouts?

It depends.Click here for the videoNot on your age.But you. How you go about it will make a difference.How can you build muscle at 50 years old?Get serious and crank it up. Stop lifting like an old guy.Click

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How to Increase Muscle Mass After 50 Easily

1. Lift Weights 2. With Intensity 3. And Consistency That’s your formula. Intense, Consistent, Resistance Training. If you want to know how to increase muscle mass after 50 years old without spending

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