build muscle at 50

No time?

No problem. As long as you’re not making excuses.

build muscle at 50
You can build muscle with short, intense 10 minute workluts

Ten minutes can make a difference. It’s an intense 10 minutes but still less than a quarter hour of your time.

You can really build muscle at 50 years old (and older) using short, high intensity workouts.

Like this one for example.

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Why it works

Compound movement. The Thruster incorporates the Front Squat with an Overhead Press. So:

  • The Front Squat requires full hip, knee and ankle flexion (compound movement) stressing nearly everything from your mid-back down.
  • The Overhead Press involves shoulder rotation, elbow flexion and again requires full midsection stabilization.

You’re working a lot of major muscle groups simultaneously. So in a short period, you do a lot of work.

Then you add the Sprint. Explosive, dynamic exercise (even at 1/2 to 3/4 effort) recruits type II muscle fibers. Type II or “fast twitch” muscle fibers are characterized by high force and speed production but they fatigue rapidly. Type I fibers, on the other hand, are high endurance but low force muscle tissue.

Your workout vs energy consumption

So imagine this two-exercise superset being repeated over and over with minimal rest between sets.

What happens?

Set 1, Exercise 1 (Thruster) is mainly type I muscle consuming a lot of energy because you’re using so many different major muscle groups.

You switch to using some type II fibers in Exercise 2 (Sprint). Type II muscle burns a lot of energy in a short period of time.

You’re a bit gassed at the start of Set 2 so your type I fibers are nearing exhaustion. So Set 2, Exercise 1 still uses primarily type I muscle but some type II fiber is recruited as needed.

And then another blast of type II muscle fiber for the Sprint.

So you see what happens. As the workout goes on, you are switching on more type II muscle fibers as your type I muscle reaches exhaustion.

The result

A short workout but big results.


The breakdown of type I muscle builds more type I muscle.

And breaking down type II muscle builds type II muscle.

You have a lot more type I muscle than type II.

So in the beginning of your workout, you’re primarily using type I muscle, but a lot of it = High Energy Consumption.

As your workout progresses, you begin adding more and more type II muscle = even Higher Energy Consumption.

So to build muscle at 50 and beyond, use high intensity, big-muscle exercises

Top 5 Secrets to Building Muscle After 50

What do you think?

Comment below about how you use short duration, high energy workouts.

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