How to Increase Testosterone Naturally So You Build Muscle Mass Quickly and Look Jacked Even If
You Only Workout 2-3 Times A Week.

Online Training Course with Live Coaching via Webinar

5 Content Rich Training Modules Presented Over 5 Weeks

Re-Boot Your Body to Factory Settings - Switch On Your Fat Burning Genes Naturally and Burn Stored Body Fat As Your Primary Energy Source


This is not a gimmicky diet to quickly lose some weight only to regain it later. This is a step by step system to implement a whole new way of life both with respect to how you eat and how well you move and exercise.


You want to build muscle to combat the effects of aging. Loss of muscle mass or sarcopenia is why you're feeling old but you can reverse these effects with a well designed strength building program. This program is for Men over 50 and developed and optimized by a Guy over 60.


It's hard to be more active when you're tired and lethargic all the time. It's impossible to force yourself into being more active when you're simply out of gas. You need to transition your body's primary fuel system from burning sugar to burning fat and you'll start waking up refreshed and have loads of even-keeled energy all day long.


This system works because it gives your body the inputs it expects from an evolutionary viewpoint.  Things like:

  •  the food you eat
  • your daily movement and exercise
  • how well you sleep and manage stress

And the inputs your body detects flips genetic switches to produce outputs like:

  • whether you primarily store fat or burn it for fuel
  • or if you'll build muscle mass or actually consume it
  • and whether you're tired and lethargic or have boundless energy

Get Step by Step Instructions - How to Get Started, What to do Next, How to Keep Progressing and Make Your Gains Stick

A 5 Module Course that will help you burn excess belly fat quickly and for good.
Lose Excess Belly Fat Quickly and Permanently

Transition from burning glucose to burning fat for fuel and your stored belly fat will disappear quickly

Increase Testosterone Naturally

Eat the right foods, minimize cortisol production by limiting stress and lift heavy things to maximize your T.

Wake Up Energized & Enjoy Stable Energy All Day Long

Transition your primary fuel source from glucose to fat and you'll have unlimited and even-keeled energy.

Build Muscle Mass, Get Strong and Look Ripped

Don't waste time doing crap that doesn't work. Learn to build muscle fast with short, focused workouts.

Eliminate Chronic Aches and Pains and Move Better

Heal your chronic inflammation that fuels aches and pains by eating foods your body was designed to consume.

Wean Yourself from Unwanted Medications

Don't settle for prescription meds and marginal results. Solve the root problem and live life at full speed.

About Mark, the "Old Spartan"

About 15 years ago, I learned from a Personal Trainer/Chiropractor/Triathlete guy that my life-long bad back was really just a weak back and could be solved by lifting weights and getting strong again.


This led to an epiphany:

Strength Solves All Problems

And it got me training again and I got back into decent shape but my weight still fluctuated up and down (and my belly showed it). Building muscle mass is good for a lot of things, particularly anti-aging things, but it's not the key to permanent fat loss.

It's the food. It's always the food.

I learned this important lesson when getting my Primal Health Certification in January of 2016. It finally all came together - a program and system based on evolutionary science.

You need a system that works with your body's natural programming. Movement, food, exercise, sleep, stress and sunshine all matter. Give your body what it wants and it will respond in kind - by giving you what you want:

Life long health and fitness.

And that's the essence of Fat Loss From Scratch. Give your body the correct inputs, what it wants and you get the desired outputs (what you want):

  • Health & Fitness
  • Energy & Vitality
  • a Lean, Muscular Build
  • Longevity?

Build Muscle After 50 is Easy to Follow

You work from home at your own pace.

Here's what you get:

On-line video lessons that explain topics or provide "How To" demonstrations. For example all the exercises are demonstrated via video so you know how to perform them correctly

Checklists, worksheets, forms and instructions are provided via downloadable PDF files. This makes it easy for you to keep track of what you're doing and know the order of actions, etc.

A lot of the instructions and background information is provided via text file. It's just like reading any other word document on a computer. The files are kept short and to the point so it's easy to consume tidbits of information.

What People are Saying...

Mike Reckner Delaware

The coaching program broke the complex down to simple, actionable advice.

I liked the way the coaching program broke the complex down to simple, actionable advice. Mark's approach makes you realize what's attainable with a bit of planning and commitment. I lost 25 lbs pretty quickly. I feel confident that I will sustain and continue to lose weight.

Mark Gelfand New York City

I look and perform better at 55 than at 40.

Followed your Old Spartan advise & lost 30 lb. Got back 32 in. waist and can run 8 min mile no sweat. Basically cannot believe what I see in the mirror. All pretty simple: run sprints, resistance training and cut the carbs. I look and perform better at 55 than at 40.

Cheers, Keep it up.

Jeff Hogue Kentucky

The amazing thing was I did this during the Holiday season.

The coaching program helped me understand my eating habits and the changes required to meet my nutritional needs to get healthy and not just go on diet. I lost 16 pounds during the program and 4 inches off my waist alone. The amazing thing was I did this during the Holiday season. I'm confident I can maintain my weight loss and look forward to continuing to not only lose weight but get healthy.

Is This Course Right for You?

I'll be honest with you. This course is not for everyone even though the science will work for you. Transforming your body after decades of neglect and abuse is hard. Bad habits are difficult to change so it's really your beliefs, mindset and attitude that determine your raw success potential.


  • You're looking for a lifestyle transformation, not a gimmicky diet or fat loss short cut.
  • You likely have kids with grand kids in the future and have a burning desire to make lasting memories with them for years to come. You view getting healthy as both a worthwhile and necessary use of your precious time.
  • You're super busy and need a simple plan you can implement easily without jumping through hoops and spending hours in the gym.
  • You are willing to do the hard work and make a permanent lifestyle transformation. You just want a simple, step by step, proven plan to follow.


  • You want the end result but aren't willing to put in the work and the time to make it happen.
  • You want fast results. A sustainable fat loss plan drops 1 to 2 lbs of fat per week maximum. Slow and steady is the only way to permanent change.
  • You're a know-it-all and not willing to un-learn things that are holding you back and sacrificing your health and fitness results. This program is drastically different from what you're doing now.
  • You want easy. Changing bad habits is never easy. It takes dedication, work and stick-to-it-ness. This program is simple to understand but hard to implement. You've been messing things up for decades so expect some resistance to change.
Lose 10 Lbs of Belly Fat in Your First 5 Weeks!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction, No Weasel Word-Guarantee. If you don't lose 10 pounds of fat in 5 weeks (and you followed the plan diligently), just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


Or I'll throw in personalized weekly coaching until you reach your 10 pound fat loss goal. No time limit?. I'll personally coach you each week until you've reached this goal! You cannot lose (except the fat).

Super Bonuses - Help You Get Started Fast

Changing bad habits and losing fat permanently can be hard and it certainly takes time. These bonuses are designed to get you started fast, keep you accountable in the program and to educate you so the system makes sense and you stay engaged.

Access to a private Facebook Group

Get accountability and camaraderie with your personal invitation to Old Guys That Lift, our Private Facebook Group for Fat Loss From Scratch members.

?Built-in Accountability = $$Value!


Coaching - 5 Weekly Coaching Webinars

This is your most valuable bonus for premium buyers only. You'll get a webinar presenting each of the 5 weekly modules of training content. Get all your questions answered in real time and know exactly what to do so you start fast and get massive results.

?This is a $997 Value

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Lifetime Membership - Your training access never ends!

You get lifetime access to the training information. Your personal account allows to log in and access the training 24 / 7. You can train whenever you want, wherever you want. And your membership never expires. You can review material a month from now or even next year. And when the course is updated with new material, you'll have instant access to the updated training curriculum. We got you covered!

This is a $497 Value?


Office Hours = Bi-weekly Q&A call

Enrollment in Fat Loss From Scratch gets you admission to bi-weekly Q&A Webinars where you can ask any question you like. You have the option of sending in questions via email in advance of the webinar or asking them real time during the 60 minute live webinar. The webinars are recorded so you do not have to attend live to get your questions answered. A recording is sent out to all registrants after each webinar concludes.

Amazing Value!


24 / 7 = Unlimited Email Consulting

Ask any question you have at any time you need an answer so you're never confused on what to do next. Get priority email response any time you need it. Ask as many questions as you like to get "unstuck" and keep making progress.

?This is a $197 Value

>> Premium Package Only!


Free Bonus Reports 1 and 2

#1 - Evolution and Optimal Health -  Learn how two and a half million years of selection pressure and harsh environmental circumstances created the perfect genetic recipe for human health and longevity.

?#2 - Gene Expression and Reprogramming - Gene switches turn on or off according to signals received from their environment. You can manipulate and optimize gene expression through foods, workouts, and lifestyle behaviors.

?$9 Value Each


Free Bonus Reports 3 and 4

#3 - Fat vs Carbohydrate as Fuel - Humans have been hard-wired through environmental selection pressure to prefer fat as their primary fuel source from both storage and from dietary sources.

#4 - Fat Loss Success is 80% Diet - Excess body fat is directly reflective of the amount of insulin you produce in your diet combined with your familial predisposition to store excess body fat.

?$9 Value Each

>> Premium Package Only!


Free Bonus Reports 5 and 6

#5 - Grains are Unnecessary for Human Health - Grains are merely a cheap source of calories that are easily converted into glucose. They have minimal nutritional value, stimulate excess insulin production, and contain anti-nutrients that compromise digestive and immune function, promote systemic inflammation, and inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

#6 - Fat and Cholesterol are Not Your Enemy - There is no correlation between the consumption of foods high in saturated fat or cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. Saturated fat has been the preferred fuel source for humans throughout evolution.?

?$9 Value Each

>> Premium Package Only!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What happens next, after I purchase?

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I hate running. How much running is required?

I'm really out of shape. Can I do this?

What happens on the 1:1 Clarity Call?

I'm tired all the time. I'm not sure I can do it.

I have a lot of pain in my joints and muscles. It's hard for me to move around let alone work out.

How can I get a refund?

How long will it take to lose 8 inches from my waist?

How is this program any different from all the rest claiming to burn off belly fat?

I travel a lot. Can you do it on the road?

How do the training webinars work?

One How does the 24 / 7 email consulting work?

I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook. What is the Private Facebook Group for?

I've tried a lot of diets, why will this work?

I think I have low testosterone. Will this help?


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Who should buy Build Muscle After 50?

If you have any of these nagging symptoms, Fat Loss From Scratch is your answer.


  • Your belly is too big. You have a waist to height ratio greater than 0.5.
  • You have low energy and probably low testosterone too.
  • You've got aches and pains all over.
  • You are working out but not making real gains.
  • You're embarrassed and self conscious.


  • You need to transition from burning primarily sugar for energy to burning stored fat.
  • Stored belly fat is a sure sign of low testosterone and can be fixed by eating the right foods and doing the right exercises.
    • Your aches and pains are from carrying excess body weight and systemic inflammation. You need to cure both.
    • You need to train your aerobic system with one program and do strength training with another one. They are completely different programs.
      • This is a natural feeling driven by being chronically unfit and unhealthy. You'll be confident, out-going, happy and a cool dad is no time.

This Guarantee is Bulletproof!

We've Got You Covered - You Can't Lose!

>>Lose 10 Lbs of Belly Fat  & Start Building Muscle Mass in Your First 5 Weeks<<

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction, No Weasel Word-Guarantee. If you don't lose 10 pounds of fat in 5 weeks (and you followed the plan diligently), just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Or I'll throw in personalized weekly coaching until you reach your 10 pound fat loss goal. No time limit. I'll personally coach you each week until you've reached this goal! You cannot lose (except the fat).

The Clock's Ticking. Don't Get Left Behind:

Invest in Fat Loss From Scratch Today!

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