Building Muscle Over 50 Years Old-Kicking Ass When Everything Hurts

Grumpy old guys never quit. You have to keep after it. You have to keep training. Building muscle over 50 years old can be done. And it should be done. There are many benefits to getting stronger as you

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How to Reduce Stomach Fat Naturally – The One Key to Success

Weight loss and particularly fat loss is a top concern for many of us. How to reduce stomach fat naturally or without medical intervention is highly desirable. What can you do in your daily life to lose

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Can Walking Reduce Belly Fat and Get You in Shape?

Is there an easy way to get back in shape? Can walking reduce belly fat or do I have to run or do more? The simple answer is that a walking program can play an integral part to an overall approach to fitness.

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How to Begin Weight Training for Men Over 50

You are never too old to start again. Weight training for men over 50 may be the single best strategy to regain your old level of fitness. Weight training trumps running, biking or other aerobic type workouts

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Top 5 Secrets to Building Muscle After 50

What’s holding you back? It can be done ya know. You can get strong and build muscle at any age. Guaranteed. Now building muscle after 50 may be a little harder than when you were younger but the

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Full Body Workouts to Lose Body Fat- What You Need to Know

What are the best workouts to lose body fat? If body fat reduction is the goal, what do you have to do to maximize the effectiveness of the workout? There are really only two things you have to do to burn

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