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This is where we'll talk about workouts we're doing, mobility issues and the food we're eating. Please add your comments below. Ask questions, tell us what you're doing, make it a conversation. 9-25-19

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Will It Be Worth It?

The Question ...Will spending the time and effort to get back into decent shape be worth it?It?s a good question because you will need to endure some pain to get where you want

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Compound Effect

Just a little bit more... Sometimes you just need a little more effort to put you over the top. Not a lot more, just enough to ensure the Compound Effect is working for you, not against you.Add

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The Plan

Look, you?re making it way too hard to get started working out.You only need 3 things:A simple plan with daily steps to take so there?s no guessing, you know exactly what to doAccountability to keep you

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What’s the Point?

Stories from the John Muir TrailI got an email from a guy the other day asking how often I was in ketosis.I said "I don't know."I didn't hear back from him but I'm sure he was like "What do you mean

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The Problem

There?s two main problems I hear about when I talk to guys about their difficulty getting started on their health journey.If you can solve these problems, you?re right around the corner from getting

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You need this more than anything

You want fitness and good health. But you really want the end result, not the journey. The journey is is hard and takes a lot of time. Ain’t no magic happening That’s just the BS the goo-roos

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