Helping Trailblazers Over-50 Get Lean and Strong So Your Energy Soars and You Live an Adventuresome Life

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Mark Fickler

Over-50 Fitness Advocate

I help you lose fat without starving yourself and feeling miserable and I offer training programs and coaching to get you fit and strong again so your energy soars and you live an awesome and fun life.

Here's what I know...

If YOU don’t maintain your health and fitness, your life will suffer. Old Spartan Fitness creates the coaching and training you need to survive and ultimately thrive. You deserve the chance to live an awesome and fulfilling life. I can help you.


There are no shortcuts, hacks, tricks nor easy ways. You must do the work and it takes some time. With consistent effort, however, you will reach your goals. Be patient and just keep going.


It's a myth to think your health and vitality should decline with age. It's just not so. Yes it's true that ill-health is quite common but it's not normal. I believe you've got many good years left.


It's likely you've got three main problems: you're sick (unhealthy) to some degree; you're storing excess fat (a symptom of problem #1) and you're weak. You must solve all three issues. You can.

My System - The Spartan Method

I simplify health and fitness so you experience results quickly, gain confidence and become the adventure-seeking, confident bad-ass you want to be (and deserve to be).

There's 3 Steps...

  1. Survive - Halt the chronic inflammation; Heal your gut and immune system; Hone your skills around nutrition and consistent exercise.
  2. Drive - Move more, sit less (build aerobic capacity); Increase muscle Mass with strength training; Improve Mobility and balance.
  3. Thrive - Focus on lifestyle; Prioritize Sleep; Enjoy natural settings in the Sun and repair your circadian biology; Manage chronic Stress.

Old Spartan Fitness promotes a primal lifestyle with emphasis on reconnecting with nature. The Spartan Method is a health recovery system that helps beat up boomers get lean and strong so they can lead adventurous, exciting lives again. The simple 3 Point Plan - Survive, Drive and Thrive leads you to recovery against the power of the industrial food stream, gimmicky diets, worthless supplements and the ill-advice of our national sick care system. You can do better on your own.

Got Questions? Schedule a free, no-obligation call and get them answered.

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Why I Do It ...

First there's FEAR

I was in my late 40's when I watched my father die of pancreatic cancer. All the kids around his bedside, unable to offer any comfort or help, just watching and waiting. It's not that I fear dying, I just don't want my kids to ever have to feel the pain of watching me die.

Fear of embarrassment helped me drop about 30 pounds of fat in my early 50's. My second daughter asked me to go on a backpacking trip into Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon. Of course I said yes but then I'm like, "Holy crap, my daughter who thinks I'm bulletproof, is going to find out I'm old, fat and tired!" A few days later, my youngest sister who was still running triathlons at the time, joined the trip. Fear of being found out, that I'd turned soft and flabby, focused me on getting fit again.

Use Fear to your advantage.

My sister Patti, daughter Tierney and me at Havasu Falls, AZ. 

Second is ANGER

You ought to be able to go to the store and be assured that what you're buying is actually good for you. But you can't. You might think that with all these federal agencies "looking out for you" like FDA, USDA, EPA and HHS to name a few, the food stream would be healthy and safe. It's not. The deck is stacked against you by Big Business, Big Agriculture and Big Pharma interests. And all of these entities are supported by your political system. Understand that nobody has your back (except me and a few others). You're largely on your own. So you have to be smart. And take action. But it's OK to be angry too. You should be. 

And Last But Not Least is HOPE

I have five children and two grandchildren with hopefully more on the way. I have siblings, my mom and some great friends. I want to live an awesome and fulfilling life and make memories.

I'm not the sit-in-the-rocking-chair kinda guy. I have hope for my future. I am driven to stay healthy and strong not only for my own personal satisfaction but to lead others to do the same.

You have a lot to live for. Your family and good friends love you. You need to be there for them and they want you around for as long as possible.

Go after it with everything you've got. It's worth it.

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"Do not go gentle into that good night"

-Dylan Thomas

What Clients Say ...

When we started this program, I set some goals that would have been great to achieve over time. I was cautiously optimistic. Gratefully, I am proud to say that I can wear 33 waist pants. I haven't done this in 20 years. With much gratitude for all your guidance.

John Oppelt


I started with 10 lb weights and ended up squatting with 80 lbs, swinging 60 lbs and pressing 50 lbs. In week one I did six pushups, today I completed 30, and I could have done more. I'm feeling fitter and stronger and am so glad I found your program when I did.

Iain Halstead


Followed your Old Spartan advise & lost 30 lb. Got back 32 in. waist and can run 8 min mile no sweat. Basically cannot believe what I see in the mirror. All pretty simple: run sprints, resistance training and cut the carbs. I look and perform better at 55 than at 40.

Mark Gelfand

New York

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