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This is for you if:


You're Over 50 and:

  • Looking for Adventure and Challenge
  • Want to be a Cool Parent and/or Grandparent
  • Love the Outdoors and Active Traveling
  • You're ready to Push the Envelope, Be a Bad Ass and Get the Most from Life

I simplify health and fitness so you experience results quickly, gain confidence and become the adventure-seeking, successful role model you want to be.

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We Can Help You...

Get Healthy

Are you tired and lethargic all the time, have hypertension or taking med's for cholesterol, diabetes or cardio vascular problems? You can turn this around with the right plan.

Build Muscle

Sarcopenia (muscle wasting) has taken it's toll on you over the years. You're feeling weak and looking soft - ouch! You can re-build muscle mass at any age. Let's get started.

Get Lean

Excess belly fat is a sure sign of inflammation and ill-health. A nutritional intervention is required to turn this around and we have a specific plan for doing it.

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The Mission


"To inspire boomers to be great role models and leave an awesome legacy"?

The Method


The Spartan Method is my signature, step by plan, for taking you from where you are to where to dream to be:?

  • 1) Survive - Don't Die Early
  • 2) Drive - Get Strong and Move More
  • 3) Thrive - Get Out in Nature and Relax


What Clients have said...

 "I haven?t done this in 20 years"

When we started this program, I set some goals that would have been great to achieve over time. I was cautiously optimistic. Gratefully, I am proud to say that I can wear 33? waist pants. I haven?t done this in 20 years. I still have some weight to drop but, I?m getting closer every week. You?ve truly been instrumental in helping me change my life. I?m eternally grateful. With much gratitude for all your guidance.

John Oppelt


How Can I Help You?

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What Option Suits You?

Online Training - Check It Out

Great for the self-motivated, Do-It-Yourselfer who is ready to rock. We've got programs for:

  • Getting Started (habit formation, healthy eating and primal exercise)
  • Fat Loss
  • Building Muscle After 50
  • Increasing Low Back Strength

Group Coaching - See the Schedule Here

We hold Group Coaching sessions periodically throughout the year for both Fat Loss and Building Muscle. Check out the schedule right here to see when the next class opens. These sessions are delivered via webinar over a course of several weeks.

1 on 1 Personal Coaching - Set Up a Call

I have limited slots available for one on one coaching. If you're interested in this option, please set up a call to see if:

  • there are time slots available suitable for both of us
  • you and I are a good fit to work together
  • and what you want is something I can help you attain

Why the Spartan Method Works

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    Back to nature. Nutrient rich foods allow your taste, brain and hormones to go back to appreciating the natural flavors found in fresh food.
  • Burning fat. Your body will transition from running primarily on sugar to burning fat from food and your own body storage.
  • Healthy insides. The foods you'll eat will heal gut inflammation that has damaged your intestinal lining.
  • Reduced inflammation. When your intestinal lining is compromised, your immune system goes into high gear, creating ?chronic inflammation? that has an impact on almost every condition in your body including acne, diabetes, depression, asthma and high blood pressure. 

More from Clients...

 "It was awesome for support and accountability."

Great time moving through this. It was awesome for support and accountability. I liked having the schedule to follow and also the options available for mixing it up some.

I dropped about 5 pounds.

Patti Ann Ridgeway

New Jersey

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