I Help Warriors Over-50 Lose the Flab and Re-Build Muscle So You Look Jacked and Feel Confident with Your Shirt Off!

Mark Fickler aka Old Spartan

Do You Know the Six Metrics of Fitness After Age 50?  Grab the Free PDF Download and See Where You Rank.

If you're over 50 and feeling flabby, you've got two problems. One is solved by nutritional intervention and the other by resistance training. There is no other way, no shortcuts.  I can show you how to turn it around, step by step.

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If you're over 50, feeling weak and looking a little soft, you're not alone. I know it seems like a long road back but you just have to get started. I can help with directions if you need them. 

You've got two main problems and have to solve both. These aren't "nice to do" things, they're must do's. There is no other way. 1) You're carrying too much body fat and 2) you have lost too much muscle. Yes, you're fat and weak.

Hey, chin up man, you're where you are. You can turn it around. You just have to start. Take the first step with my free PDF below.

Discover the 6 Metrics to Health & Fitness After 50

Grab the handy, downloadable PDF and see where you rank with your health and fitness. Step 1: Find Out Where You Are

Step 2: Make a Plan to Move You Forward

I can help you with both. Click the button below and take your first step.

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